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Outdoor equipment | high-quality nylon | 7-core umbrella rope | climbing survival | escape rope |

Outdoor equipment | high-quality nylon | 7-core umbrella rope | climbing survival | escape rope |
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  • Brand: mountain guest
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  • Time to market: 2013 winter

'name'7 - core military regulations umbrella rope nylon rope rescue rope tent rope lifeline rope tied rope climbing rope

'Specifications' diameter 4mm

'Rally' ultimate pull 280 pounds

'Length' 31 meters per bundle

"Application": Wrapping tool handle, stick handle, tail stick rope, nunchaku connecting rope, catapult bow rope, field binding equipment, tent rope, etc. More applications, you play! Degree and feel is bow Friends around the bow, knife around the knife handle, outdoor connection rope of choice!

Select the appropriate rope according to the purpose of use
According to the material of manufacturing ropes, Dazhen can be divided into two kinds of natural fiber material and chemical fiber material.But now used in the wild almost all nylon fiber material ropes.This kind of products, compared to natural fiber materials such as Manila hemp is more strength, lighter in weight, softer and more durable, and has a large, easy-to-slip characteristic when hanging heavy objects.

According to the experience of the past, when camping out, about five to five meters long rope five to six, can be used in field activities in a variety of occasions due to its rich colors, it can be used in tents or (Such as playing backpacks, bundled debris, etc.) Therefore, in order to prevent the event, I hope you often carry the three mm × five meters of rope is very useful (playing backpacks, tied debris, etc.) carry.

When using the rope should pay attention to:
Do not dirty the rope : Dirt is the main cause of rope degradation, also will make its strength worse.

Do not step on the rope : Rope often stamped on the resulting scars or deterioration

Do not wet the rope : Even waterproof processing of the rope, but also try to avoid the rope in the case of easy to use, because the water absorption of the rope is not only heavy, and easy to slip, very difficult to use.

Do not allow the cord to touch sharp objects : When the rope touches the sharp edges and corners of the rock and other items at the same time bear a heavy burden, it will improve the risk of rope fracture.

Do not suddenly add to the rope : This will cause the rope to be scarred, even if the surface can not see, but the internal may have been broken, so pay attention to try to keep the rope to withstand too much load.

Do not borrow or borrow the rope : There is nothing more dangerous than a rope that is not known to be used in any situation, since the rope may be cracked if it is used without knowledge, such as a rope that has undergone sudden weighting. Therefore, absolutely avoid to others by the use of the rope has been used, or to lend their own rope to others.

Special Note: not recommended for safety reasons for climbing, rock climbing, ice climbing and high-altitude games and other sports