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Supply Angry pig | pig MP3 | Crown Pig MP3 | Toys mp3 | Cartoon Card MP3
  • Supply Angry pig | pig MP3 | Crown Pig MP3 | Toys mp3 | Cartoon Card MP3
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Brand: orcai Model: ORT-C26
Detailed description:

The above quotation is single quote, with packaging data headphone 2 more dollars!

• The card, support TF card

• Sound Format: MP3

• Interface: 5PIN, 3.5MM headset

• Battery: Standard 110MA Battery (032,323 without protection board), Life 4H

• Color: yellow pink green, blue and red...

Detailed description

1, plastic shell, ultra-small size weighs less than 30 grams

2, digital music play MP3 music format.

3, can be used for removable flash disk, MP3 songs or data stored anywhere.

4, both MP3 and mobile storage disk function.

5, using USB1.1 / 2.0 interface, support hot swap, both interpolation is well spent

6, no external power supply

7, the storage medium. No mechanical components, anti vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference.

8, built-in high-energy rechargeable lithium battery, long standby time, 3-4 hours of continuous playback. (Charging only charge two hours, not more than 2 hours)

9, the stylish compact size design, exquisite workmanship beautiful gift.

Instruction manual

1, the MP3 switch to ON. Red status light flashed, the red status light starts flashing.

2, press the play button to begin in a suspended state.

3, according to the volume control to open resized.

4, according to listen to the songs before and after the adjustment.

5, stop playing, press pause, the host in a suspended state.

6, the switch to the OFF state. Shutdown complete.

Note: when charging the switch to the ON position.

The company supplies Crown Pig (MP3), brand orcai, Model ORT-C26. Quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.