Thin waterproof;; card U disk; U disk gifts Supply card U disk | U disk Network | Electronic Gifts U disk

Thin waterproof;; card U disk; U disk gifts Supply card U disk | U disk Network | Electronic Gifts U disk

Product description:

  • interface: USB2.0
  • Storage capacity: 1GB
Detailed description:

Card U disk since its market; with its unique creative and business needs; get a lot of customers and friends of the hot rod; in particular, many companies use it to facilitate personalized custom advertising capabilities; choose to use it to make corporate image and promote its gift to ! Customer Here's how it look simple introduction:
1. Full color: high-definition true color; DIY design; can be customized image; LOGO;
2. Ultra-thin: only the thickness of 2mm; the card; bank card size considerably; U disk can be put wallet
3. Environmental Protection: Waterproof; dustproof; shockproof; ABS material shell; high-speed stability
4. Specifications: Dimensions 85x54x2mm, weight 10.5g, support USB2.0 standard
5. Capacity: Storage capacity 1G 2G 4G 8G 16G, maximum 32GB can do
6. Specifications: genuine enough; read speed 5MB / S; write speed 10MB / S above
2, U disk card for gifts for which occasion
A; conferences; public relations activities; exhibitions and the like; Get participants; as gifts; souvenirs;
B; enterprises presented to the customer; as product advertising; site promotion; instructions manuals and other information, publicity carrier;
C; gifts or gifts; giving customers;
D; corporate image; the new carrier product promotion;
E, bundled enterprise-class users of the product sales;
♦ company branding
♦ New product promotion
♦ Accessories Distribution
♦ gift
♦ Events Available - Investment Tools
3, U disk as a gift card selling point
1; Will you ever Diuguo card company or others Diuguo;? Leaflets experience it (if this card or flyer is a U disk, then you will lose it?)
2; when you do the image of the company; when brands such promotional activities;; investment promotion information site on the table who are abandoned; you feel bad before?
3; you know that your company pay huge money to participate in or organize important exhibitions; advertising effect when investment activities and important meetings to get a sense of helplessness of the poor and the heart it?
4; when 'God' when we send promotional materials and business cards to us; understand a blink of an eye into the trash feeling?
5; If the above information to the customer is a business card with the words of U disk; your customers are willing to throw it you will lose it three years;?? 5 years you will lose it?
6, I think you're beginning to see the WHY say 99% of the ads are in the burn, right?

With this USB card after that we can help you achieve the following purposes:

  1. A can top ten sales of publicity
  2. 2, how to get your company's promotional claims (corporate brand) along with your prospective clients work; handle every day in the eyes; close at hand methods;
  3. 3; will know how to get your client in the next three years; 5 years; 10 years or more will remember all your business or brand tools;
  4. 4; and how to use gifts to make your own major customers not only be visualized every day; and automatic in his circle of contacts in 'forced' to help you promote;
  5. 5; how to put your company's costly marketing activities from the field to move the client company; become your company an 'automatic client development machine';
4. To select the reason WHY enterprise with card U disk as gifts?
  1. 1; there is creativity; attract attention; therefore there is a strong advertising effect; not only can achieve the purpose of gifting adds a strong advertising effect;
  2. 2; the function of the office is a necessity and regular supplies; and easy to carry; and exposure using the higher frequency is relatively strong; its role is large;
  3. 3; because it is not easily broken; long pot life; increase the timeliness of advertising;
  4. 4; U disk which can be copied and video promotional materials; and the video can be done automatically deleted can not afford to play with clients; so can do active and passive repeated ad;
  5. 5; on the card U disk card can be printed on the business needs to promote its personalized image; targeted publicity;
5, card U disk assembly and production processes

Name: USB-7001 (nesting price 7 yuan + UDP)

Can be double-sided color pattern .Usb 2.0 interface, high speed data read and write, without any driver to use

- (To be customized) U disk capacity: 64MB; 128MB; 256MB; 512MB; 1GB; 2GB; 4GB; 8GB; 16GB; 32GBprefix = o ns = urn: schemas-microsoft-com: office: office '

- Material: leather + metal

- Data retention: 10 years

- Surface of the product according to customer requirements color pictures or LOGO

- Using the original high-speed FLASH chip, the master FLASH through gold wire binding and synthesis of high-end COB packaging

- Data transmission is more stable, high-speed, write speed of 3.5mb / s, read speed 11mb / s

- Integration of professional design; production; quiet silent flash work

-100% Seal design; dust; anti-static; magnetically shielded; temperature

- Support 98SE (driver required), ME, 2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS 8.6, Linux 2.4 or later

Features / Benefits:
Interface: USB interface; no drive; plug and play; hot-swappable
Start: support USB ZIP / HDD start.
Data storage: data for at least kept for more than 10 years
Endurance: erasable 1000000 times
Applicable models: the various brand PC and compatible computers, Macintosh, PowerBook, iMAC or iBook.
Special design: earthquake proof, anti-electromagnetic wave
Self-protection: Track 0 protection, automatic anti-virus
Operating System:. Windows 98 / ME / 2000 / XP, Linux2.4 x
Power Source: USB bus-powered (4.5V ~ 5.5V)
Operating Current: (50mA
Operating temperature: Between 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃
Storage temperature: between -20 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
Efficient: data transfer rates of up to: Read 6MB / sec, write 3MB / sec
Little clever: pocket size, easy to carry
Easy to use: SB Interface, Plug and Play
Protective concept: Insert the side with a protective cover
Fashion: sleek look, suddenly face design

Professional production U disk metal U disk 1-32GB free professional laser LOGO

Quote website are nesting nesting quotes are free memory needs to go into the finished product (Shell plus PCBA board + packaging = nesting). Nesting price is not a finished product prices need to go into the details directly to your style and your needs Number of online way to discuss or inquire to us we will give you the finished product prices directly reported

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The company supplies the card U disk; card U disk; thin waterproof; craft gift U disk network U disk electronic gifts U disk quality assurance, welcome to consult the discussion.