Supply of fish-type U disk Gifts U disk brand U disk wholesale |. Kingston U disk | U disk gifts

Supply of fish-type U disk Gifts U disk brand U disk wholesale |. Kingston U disk | U disk gifts

Product description:

Model: DR286
  • interface: USB2.0
  • Storage capacity: 64MB
Detailed description:

Specifications Capacity: 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB

48 * 28 * 8mm


Black colloidal

Features / Benefits:

Speed: High-speed read and write

Interface: USB interface; no drive; plug and play; hot-swappable

Start: support USB ZIP / HDD start.

Data storage: data for at least kept for more than 10 years

Endurance: erasable 1000000 times

Applicable models: the various brand PC and compatible computers, Macintosh, PowerBook, iMAC or iBook.

Special design: earthquake proof, anti-electromagnetic wave

Self-protection: Track 0 protection.

Operating System:. Windows7 98 / ME / 2000 / XP, Linux2.4 x WIN7

Power Source: USB bus-powered (4.5V ~ 5.5V)

Operating Current: (50mA

Operating temperature: Between 0 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

Storage temperature: between -20 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

Efficient: data transfer rates of up to: Write 3MB / sec, read 13MB / sec

Little clever: pocket size, easy to carry

Easy to use: SB Interface, Plug and Play

Protective concept: Insert the side with a protective cover

Fashion: sleek look, suddenly face design

Conversion units U disk manufacturers to adopt U disk capacity conversion units and computer manufacturers are different .U disk unit 1000 is converted, ie 1GB = 1000MB; while the computer is used for the conversion unit 1024, ie 1GB = 1024MB. so that the computer recognizes the U disk capacity is necessary to less than U disk U disk production plant nominal capacity, the actual used capacity is about labeling capacity 90%

Capacity: 4GB, the actual capacity: 3.5G-3.7G

Capacity: 8GB, the actual capacity: 7.4G-7.6G

Capacity: 16GB, the actual capacity: 14.5G-15.2


1; This product is in use; make sure that no computer virus; otherwise could undermine the U disk built-in procedures

2; in the absence of the necessary cases; please do not direct plug; then pull out to Safely Remove USB U disk; or will affect the life of U disk

3; important documents, please yourself a good backup; Please do not cut to transfer files; preferably with copy (data backup to develop good habits) For any indirect; incidental or consequential loss or damage data; this shop will not Take responsibility!

4, data loss may be caused by the following, including a sudden power failure, power supply instability, people who do not normally plug, deletions, wrong formatting, virus damage, electrostatic Jihuai, encryption and permissions, firmware upgrade, electromagnetic interference Wait.

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