Supply ORCIAU disk metal U disk 1-32GB | Free Laser U disk | U disk customization

Supply ORCIAU disk metal U disk 1-32GB | Free Laser U disk | U disk customization

Product description:

Brand: ORCIA
  • interface: USB2.0
  • Storage capacity: 512MB
Detailed description:

(Nesting price of 10 yuan)

U disk manufacturer U-disk capacity conversion units and computer conversion unit different .U disk manufacturer is 1000 for the conversion unit, ie 1GB = 1000MB; while the computer is used for the conversion unit 1024, ie 1GB = 1024MB so. the computer recognizes the U disk capacity is necessary to less than U disk U disk production plant nominal capacity, the actual used capacity is about labeling capacity 90%

Capacity: 4GB, the actual capacity: 3.5G-3.7G

Capacity: 8GB, the actual capacity: 7.3G-7.6G

Capacity: 16GB, the actual capacity: 14.5G-15.2

Technical Specifications:

USB2.0 high speed interface supports hot-swappable USB bus-powered (4.5V-5.5V) Operating ambient temperature; -40 ° C ~ + 70 ° C Storage Temperature: -50 ° C ~ + 80 ° C


1: read and write speed, read 12M / S, write to 4M / S.

2: USB interface, no drive, plug and play, hot-swappable.

3: Support USB ZIP / HDD start.

4: The ultra-slim shape, beautiful appearance even more compact fashion.

5: Ultra-stable technology, meet the USB 2.0 standard.

6: Super small mini shape, WIN98 or later without driver.

7: earthquake proof, anti-electromagnetic wave.


* Bootable system directly? Stern? For BIOS support USB boot system, can replace floppy drive.

* Plug and Play, USB high-speed interface, no power, easy to use.

* Can withstand 3 meters below the free-fall impact resistance, high temperature, easy to carry, regardless of the external environment to ensure that data more unitary harsh peace of mind.

* Metal buckles, lightweight and convenient, WIN98 or later do not drive, use original A-class chip, can be repeatedly erased one million times more storage life of 10 years.

* Compatible with PC, notebook, Apple, MAC, the server.

* Operating system win98 / ME / 2000 / XP, Mac OS 9. X / Linux2.4

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