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Supply Ou Qiya (orcia) low cheap wholesale | jewelry footprints U disk | U disk footprint

Supply Ou Qiya (orcia) low cheap wholesale | jewelry footprints U disk | U disk footprint
  • Supply Ou Qiya (orcia) low cheap wholesale | jewelry footprints U disk | U disk footprint
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Brand: ORCIA Model: ORU-3089
  • interface: USB2.0
  • Storage capacity: other
Detailed description:
capacity 256M 1G 2G 4G 8G 16G interface USB 2.0
Data transfer rate 3500 (KB / s) shell material metal
Characteristic Jewelry weight 20 (g)
Whether to provide custom processing It is Gift purposes Advertising gifts
Gift object Customers; elders; younger; leadership; subordinate; friends; colleagues; students; couple; foreigners; others Occasions for gifts Awards pictures; anniversary celebration; Thanksgiving Day; Father's Day; Christmas; Halloween; other
Printed LOGO can

U-growing jewelry feet footprints in full of the family's care.

Memorable childhood childish memories in creative fashion, U disk also has become the designer's creative template, this step U disk, styling is very pleasing on the table, it can be used as a good decoration, The sling comes installed, it is easy to transform into a portable doll strap.

The U disk function is also very powerful, the maximum access speed of Wahoo 17MB / Sec. Its design is very unique, when not in use, can U disk into the head to the top of the housing bore, very convenient.

Let the ups and downs, this growing footprints, with you into maturity, through youth seasons.

Support win98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Vista system, USB removable disk, plug and play, USB2.0 high-speed transmission.

120X flash speed.

Technical Specifications: USB2.0 high speed interface supports hot-swappable USB bus-powered (4.5V-5.5V)

Working environment temperature; -40 ° C ~ + 70 ° C

Storage temperature: -50 ° C ~ + 80 ° C


1: read and write speed; write speed 6M / S; copying speed 12 / S

2: USB interface, no drive, plug and play, hot-swappable.

3: Support USB ZIP / HDD start.

4: The ultra-slim shape, beautiful appearance even more compact fashion.

5: Ultra-stable technology, meet the USB 2.0 standard.

6: Super small mini shape, WIN98 or later without driver.

7: earthquake proof, anti-electromagnetic wave.


* Bootable system directly boot for BIOS support USB boot system, can replace floppy drive.

* Plug and Play, USB high-speed interface, no power, easy to use.

* Can withstand 3 meters below the free-fall impact resistance, high temperature, easy to carry, regardless of the external environment to ensure that data more unitary harsh peace of mind.

* Metal buckles, lightweight and convenient, WIN98 or above without driver, using Samsung / Modern original A-class chip, can be repeatedly erased one million times more storage life of 10 years.

* Compatible with PC, notebook, Apple, MAC, the server.

* Operating system win98 / ME / 2000 / XP, Mac OS 9. X / Linux2.4

Means and dismantling instructions: Easy to put firmly hold the sides SlipON coat, gently slide the USB flash memory to cap repeat the same procedure on your USB flash transformed, becomes part of your lifestyle just... fit PenDrive Mini (Mini-Series) and Nano (mini-series) USB flash memory.

Demolition CAUTION: When removing SlipON, only firmly hold the sides, gently pull Do not pull the tail end; may cause breakage.

U disk maintenance routine:

1; set the U disk away from moisture; dusty environment;

2; Do not Lie hit Meng U disk; prevent an internal circuit components off;

3; U disk after use, please take out the right way with the computer; do with computers successive (three hours) for a long time.