Supply欧奇亚欧奇Asian color shell u disk P01

Supply欧奇亚欧奇Asian color shell u disk P01

Product description:

Brand : Ou Qiya Model : P01
  • interface: USB2.0
  • Storage capacity: other
  • shell material: metal
  • Occasions for gifts : Anniversary celebration
  • Gift object : Colleagues, classmates
  • Gift purposes : Business gifts
Detailed description:

I. Introduction

product name: Ou Qiya P01 Color shell U plate

product description:

* P01 ordinary fresh

* Lightweight aluminum alloy selected

* Convenient cap design

* Colorful shell with

* Atmospheric and elegant style

* Preferred share and the business community for students

II. Features:

* Color shell u disk

* Aluminum outer body, colorful

* A strong price advantage

* Large spot

three. Technical Parameters:

* Write speed : 2.5-3.5mb / s

* Read speed : 12-19mb / s

IV. Payment Information :

Cash payments, bank transfers


Provide logistics mode SF, Shen Tong and other courier or customer

Six sale:

Year warranty and lifetime maintenance