OKeySafe encryption U disk | U disk business security | Military U disk | data encryption | Hide

OKeySafe encryption U disk | U disk business security | Military U disk | data encryption | Hide

Product description:

Gift purposes: public relations gift Capacity: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB Interface: USB 2.0
Features: Rotate Housing material: Metal Printed LOGO: can
Custom processing: OEM: can OEM Gift object: Customers, seniors and juniors, leadership, subordinates
Occasions for gifts: Public relations planning, opening ceremony, business gifts, employee benefits, anniversary celebrations, fairs, housewarming, holiday Brand: OKeySafe Data transfer rate: 100000 (KB / s)

The company's three best U disk security products

OKeySafe U disk encryption - can be divided into two discs of important information secret, when borrowed U disk, others see only ordinary disk, encrypted disk data invisible, the Pirates do not go.
OKeyCopy U disk data copy prevention - Do not store data, video, teaching people to be copied, leaving a copy
OKeySoft software release U disk - will be published on the U disk software, you can carry use, without someone piracy, crack
v closest to the actual U disk security solutions

Encryption U disk function:

§ 1. Protection of personal privacy;
§ 2. businesses, government, military, Institute of Information Security Management;
§ 3. advertising gifts;
§ education, teaching and training institutions of protection;
§ internal training departments of large enterprises or the military;
§ 4. The protection of trade secrets, such as corporate tenders, technical reports, design copywriting, design samples and other protection;
Industry-specific needs § 5. special plane, information collection, secure communications

U disk security typical requirements:

1. Data encryption; privacy protection; data hiding; data copy prevention; software piracy; logical write protection; host binding; U-binding; Self-destruction, limit time-use and renewals reset; rights management and control; audit (history); and automatically disconnected; limited scope; cloud synchronization, etc.