okeysafe professional U disk encryption | underlying encryption | Security Business USB

okeysafe professional U disk encryption | underlying encryption | Security Business USB

Product description:

Gift object: Customers, seniors and juniors Occasions for gifts: Public relations planning, opening ceremony, business gifts, employee benefits, anniversary celebrations, fairs, memorial awards Capacity: 2G 4G 8G 16G 32G
Interface: USB 2.0 Brand: OKeySafe Housing material: Metal
Custom processing: Printed LOGO: can Data transfer rate: 100000 (KB / s)

The company's three best U disk security products

§ OKeySafe U disk encryption - can be divided into two discs of important information secret, when borrowed U disk, others see only ordinary disk, encrypted disk data invisible, the Pirates do not go.
§ OKeyCopy U disk data copy protection - Do not store data, video, teaching people to be copied, leaving a copy
§ OKeySoft software release U disk - will be published on the U disk software, you can carry use, without someone piracy, crack
v closest to the actual U disk security solutions
§ function and appearance customization, special U disk management program advisory

The price is above the reference price, according to the capacity to set specific offer, you can choose a variety of shell, you can print customer logo, specific questions contact Want or QQ: 1158434841

U disk encryption

v Confidentiality
§ Under U disk is lost, stolen, the secret information does not leak
v Availability
§ when necessary, the information can be looked at, but do not worry about being taken away or leave copies
§ information can safely be transmitted without fear of leaks do not dare to use U disk, reducing efficiency
v Auditability
§ when necessary, to verify information such as U disk to use history: Who used, where used
v Controllability
§ According to management needs, usage scenarios, set the U disk management strategy
§ can control the use of U disk diffusion range of information
You can set the user permission levels
v U disk encryption as a gift:
§ gifts to send security, higher value-added, more thoughtful gift;
§ security, privacy caused by topic, closer relations with the recipient's distance.
v placement in Log frame:
§ advertising forms, can support picture rotation, video. Flash animation, web content updates.
§ can interact, attract your audience participation, and access to new messages.
§ advertising encrypted area when the user logs showing, users are unlikely to cause resentment.
§ precise, long-lasting, deep and effective.