OKeySafe encryption U disk | U disk business security | Military U disk | data encryption | Hide

OKeySafe encryption U disk | U disk business security | Military U disk | data encryption | Hide

Product description:

Gift purposes: public relations gift Capacity: 4GB, 8GB, 16GB Interface: USB 2.0
Features: Rotate Housing material: Metal Printed LOGO: can
Custom processing: OEM: can OEM Gift object: Customers, seniors and juniors, leadership, subordinates
Occasions for gifts: Public relations planning, opening ceremony, business gifts, employee benefits, anniversary celebrations, fairs, housewarming, holiday Model: S5 Brand: OKeySafe
Data transfer rate: 100000 (KB / s)

Ou Qiya three best U disk security products
CrUSafe U disk encryption:
Reserved general-purpose common U disk, and add a secure 'safe'
CrUnCopy U disk data copy protection:
U disk publish documents, videos visible, apply, take away Completely without changing operating practices.
CrUSoft software release U disk:
U disk publishing software, anti-crack, anti-piracy, safe and convenient.

Data encryption; privacy protection; data hiding; data copy prevention; software piracy; logical write protection; host binding; U disk bindings; self-destruction; limit time-use and renewals reset; rights management and control; audit (history record); and automatically disconnected; limited scope; cloud synchronization, and so on.

U disk information security threats:

U disk portable, compact, easy
Easily lost, resulting in leaks
Easy to steal information, and difficult to detect
Although management practices, but difficult to implement
Information security can not rely solely on employee awareness
Often unintentionally, or of convenience, rather than the correct use of U disk
Violation of the regulations, which the utility U dribbling home use
Mix secret U disk and common U disk

Data encryption privacy protection:
U disk is lost or stolen, the information may be leaked, U disk is mainly used for temporary transfer information transfer process, will be lost, after being peeped use, readily lost, customary U disk no readily removed borrow and loan, see to have documents readily Fanfankan habit.
If there are privacy on the U disk, you do not want others to see on the surface from the existence of a secret; avoid embarrassment, if someone borrows U disk, you can lend each other generous common U disk can be used directly, without having noticed privacy exists.

U disk security typical customer groups:
Protection of personal privacy; corporate, government, military, Institute of Information Security Management; advertising gifts; education, teaching materials protection training institutions; internal training departments of large enterprises or military; trade secret protection, such as corporate tenders, technical reports, design copy, Engineering samples and other protection; special plane, information collection, secure communications and other industries customization needs.

U disk encryption feature to work for each employee with
Common area to save non-classified information, classified information stored private area
Increase information security to promote its content in CrUSafe advertising framework, in a prominent position prompted confidentiality regulations
Improve staff security awareness, timely to remind the safe operation
When business or customer presentations, the use of the general area, private area information is not exposed, to avoid embarrassment
As employee benefits to employees will U disk encryption use in life
Information security awareness education
At the same time, to avoid a large number of 'undecided secret' sensitive information is in a gray area may be lost or leaked