GU4 cap gauge | GU4 lamp through regulation | GU4 lamp only regulation | GU4 cap regulation pass only

GU4 cap gauge | GU4 lamp through regulation | GU4 lamp only regulation | GU4 cap regulation pass only

Product description:

GU4 cap gauge

Stop lamp through regulation 7006-108-2

Technical standards: GB1483-2008; IEC60061-3
1. The processing technology: 'E' series screw-on cap the amount the company specializes in the design and manufacture of regulation and 'G' series Miscellaneous cap gauge, applicable to all types of screw caps, lamps and miscellaneous lamp, electric light bulbs quality testing. Its structure and related waveform (such as waveform thread) by calculating and optimizing the computer, and then through computer processing machine, to achieve a high degree of precision and aesthetics.
2. The authority of the measure: measure the relevant national authority by a third party professional metrology and measurement reports issued strictly to ensure the production of each gauge size, structure comply with the relevant standards.
3. high hardness materials: the material antirust ability of high carbide manufacturing through technology research, gauge the hardness to HRC = 70 ~ 75 (GB and IEC requirements: HRC = 58 ~ 65)., Life expectancy increased by 2 ~ 3 times.
4. Technical guidance: professional lampholder test engineers to provide you with technical guidance in the use, maintenance, testing and other aspects of the specification together with related testing.
5. Quality assurance: All amounts sold our rules, provide one year quality warranty.

Our company can customize the following full range of cap gauges:
E5, E10, E12, E14, E17, E26, E27, E39, E40 and other screw lampholder gauge
GU10, GZ10, G9, G8.5, G5.3, GU5.3, GU4 and other miscellaneous lampholder gauge
B15, B22, B15d, B22d bayonet lamp holder and other gauges
Plug and socket gauge:
GB1002 / GB1003 GB gauge plug and socket, BS1363 British standard plug gauge, DIN-VDE0620-1 German standard plug gauge, UL498 American standard plug gauge, AS / NZS3112 Australian standard plug and socket gauge
Etc. Our products are favored by domestic enterprises and various testing agencies, and exported to the world.