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Supply | Kingston | TF card 1G TF microSD card | phone memory card | Flash Cards

Supply | Kingston | TF card 1G TF microSD card | phone memory card | Flash Cards
  • Supply | Kingston | TF card 1G TF microSD card | phone memory card | Flash Cards
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Brand: microSD card
  • Memory capacity: 1024MB
  • Types of: SD card
Detailed description:

Brand Kingston model KINGSTON
Types of TF card Transmission rate 5000 (KB / s)
Occasions for gifts Advertising promotions; business gifts; festival; housewarming; birthday; memorial awards; fairs; anniversary celebration; opening ceremony; employee benefits; public relations planning; other Printed LOGO can
Whether to provide custom processing It is capacity 1GB

Kingston TF / micro SD 8G class4

Kingston's microSD memory card, your phone's archive is no longer just fixed in the phone. With this specially designed for mobile phones mobile storage solution, you can easily and your friends, family and colleagues to share your collection Kingston's microSD card can also help you transfer data between phones. If you want to change the system service providers or upgrade your phone, microSD card can easily transfer phone lists, settings or ring tones. Her ultra-small size consumes low power, can lengthen your cell phone battery Now you can immediately transfer the multimedia devices, share and print pictures in homes, offices, airports, Internet cafes or at school - no matter touching your mobile life Where - Kingston microSD cards are trusted products All cards come with a lifetime warranty, free technical support and legendary Kingston reliability.

Features / Benefits

  • Storage capacity - 2GB / 4GB / 8GB / 16GB
  • Standardized - consistent with SD Association specification standards
  • Versatile - with the appropriate adapter, it can be used as a standard-size SD memory card
  • Applicability - can use the SD slot via SD adapter and TransFlash TM Equipment that can be used
  • Size - 11mm x 15mm x 1mm
  • In between 0o to 60o C - Operating temperature
  • In between -20o to 85o C - Storage Temperature
  • Weight - 1.41g
  • Ultra portability - especially compact design
  • Guaranteed - lifetime warranty

Storage capacity table

View Kingston memory card can store much content

Storage capacity * photo** music*** Audiobook+ video++ e-mail+++
(1.3MP) (3 MP) (5 MP) MP3 & WMA songs book (minute) file
1GB * 1572 904 595 190 102 68 21766
2GB * 3144 1808 1190 380 204 136 43532
4GB* 6288 3616 2380 760 408 272 87064
8GB * 12576 7232 4760 1520 816 544 174128
16 GB* 25152 14464 9520 3040 1632 1088 348256

Source: Kingston-based assessment, the actual results may differ.

(MP = Megapixels: MB = Megabytes s, GB = gigabytes)
1 megabyte (MB) = 1000000 bytes; 1 gigabyte (GB) = 1000000000 bytes

* Some of the listed capacity is used for formatting and other functions may not be achieved when the capacity to store data.
** JPEG (compressed file) pictures about the number of .JPEG file sizes vary based upon camera model and internal file size and compression settings as well as user-selected resolution and compression mode. In addition, JPEG compression will be due to the complex picture of produce different degrees in different file sizes. Some devices may not support all the list of flash memory capacity. Please refer to the instructions in your digital device configuration support.
*** Approximate number of songs. Suppose file size of 4MB. Because of different compression rates and devices, there will be differences in the actual results.

+ Approximate number of audiobooks. Suppose two hours long format 2MP3 or 3.7MB / hr files. Actual results vary depending on the quality of the download file formats differ.
++ Movie about time. Suppose MPEG1 format, 1.5Mbps file size. Results may differ due to video compression rate.
+++ Approximate number of file attachments. Assuming that each email attachment size to 35K. Actual results will vary based on file size.

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