Microwave | Oven Gloves

Microwave | Oven Gloves

Product description:

Color : mixed Size : 27CM * 15CM + 15CM * 15CM Style: Pastoral
Category : Microwave Oven Gloves Brand: - Custom processing:
Material: Polyester

Each product made ​​a glove and a square pad composition; gloves duckbill design, convenient and flexible, left and right are applicable .

Packing : 100 / bag 300 / carton

Box regulation : 55CM * 30CM * 57CM

Material: Polyester fabric + cotton insulation

Uses: suitable for household microwave oven; barbecue pits; oven; all kinds of tableware

Notes : 1. Do not close to the fire

2. Should not wash soak for too long, should not be repeated washing

3. gentle washing, should not rub hard, wrung

4. There should be hung in ventilated place to dry .