Panasonic air curtain | air curtain machine specifications | Model

Panasonic air curtain | air curtain machine specifications | Model

Product description:

product number: FY-35ESC1
location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
product description:
Panasonic air curtain air curtain machine Model

Panasonic air curtain Specification A mounting height is divided into 2.5 meters, 3.0 m, 3.5 m, 4.0 m, 4.5 m and other models; by air curtain wind patterns to points, a common air curtain (natural wind) and electric heating air curtain ( two kinds of natural wind and hot wind type) FY-25ESC1; FY-25ELC1; FY-30ESC1; FY-30ELC1; FY-35ESC1; FY-35ELC1; FY-40ESC1; FY-40ELC1; air curtain length standard 900mm; 1200mm two species;

Panasonic air curtain Model:
Products: (ordinary air curtain), (remote control type air curtain), (electrically heated air curtain)
Product Features: Brand: Panasonic Panasonic
Model: FY-25303540 series
Product Specifications: 0.9-1.2m

Panasonic air curtain) Performance Parameters (ordinary)
Model Length wind pressure and wind noise from the input power effectively db (A)
FY25ESC1 900 12 10 700 590 60 56 2.5 44 40
FY25ELC1 120012 10 950 800 81.76 2.5 46 41
FY30ESC1 900 14 12 820 700 140120 3.0 49 44
FY30ELC1 120014 12 1110 950 176154 3.0 49 45
FY35ESC1 900 18 16 1060 940 218215 3.5 59 53
FY35ELC1 120018 16 1430 1270305295 3.5 59 53
FY40ESC1 900 21 18 1230 1060258230 4.0 61 57
FY40ELC1 120021 18 1670 1430353315 4.0 62 59

Panasonic air curtain performance parameter table (electric heating remote control type)
Model Length wind speed input power noise effective distance db (A)
FY25ESCW1 900 12 700 4450 2.5 55
FY25ELCW1 1200 12 950 5950 2.5 56
FY30ESCW1 900 15 890 4580 3.0 59
FY30ELCW1 1200 15 1180 6140 3.0 60
FY35ESCW1 900 17 1000 4660 3.5 60
FY35ELCW1 1200 17 1340 6240 3.5 61

Panasonic air curtain air curtain machine Model Panasonic product description:

Panasonic blower: min Matsushita silent type blower; Panasonic mini blower; Panasonic moisture-type blower; Panasonic ultra-quiet blower; fuselage equipped with sound-absorbing material; significantly reduce noise; the minimum noise level of only 23dB (air volume 180m3 / h); two-way inhalation Type Chiba turbine blade design; efficient lot; arbitrary mounting direction freely; simple construction; with a workability superior hardware accessories; simple construction;

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