Green Wind Ventilator | Specifications | Price

Green Wind Ventilator | Specifications | Price

Product description:

product number: DPT10-11 / DPT20-44 / DPT20-55A
location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
product description:

Green Wind split duct fan Products:

Product Type: DPT10-11-20S
Product specifications (mm): 100
Ventilation (m3 / h): 120
Ventilator power (w): 9.7
Fan static pressure (Pa (A)): 55
Fan noise (dB): 40
Over size (mm): 100
Adaptation area (m2): 5-9
Carton Packing Size (cm): 23.8 * 20 * 22.8
Packing (units): 1
Weight: (Kg / Taiwan): 2.6

Split pipe ventilator (energy silent type)

1, the installation convenience
120m3 / h minimum air flow split pipe ventilator operation easier, more convenient to install; can be in the bathroom and toilet and other large blower improper installation place safe to use.

2, super energy-saving
The new small wind split pipeline, the use of more energy-efficient motor technology by optimizing the core, significantly reducing the motor winding losses, up to a minimum amount of wind power model 9.7w, 150m3 / h air flow model compared with DPT10-11 model, province It takes about 32%

3, ultra-low noise
Split pipeline installation is concealed; more subtle; the noise source more isolated; for you to create a more comfortable environment; through the selection of high-quality plastic wind wheel; and our split pipe ventilator products compared to the same amount of wind in low noise conditions

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