Panasonic ventilation fans Model

Panasonic ventilation fans Model

Product description:

product number: FV-24CD7C
location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
product description:

Panasonic ventilation fans Model

Panasonic ventilation fans models, ceiling
Model Power (W) Air Volume (m3 / h) noise (db) Weight (kg) mounting hole dimensions (mm)
FV-17CU7C white / silver 128,026,100 1.8 170 * 170
FV-24CU7C white / silver 1514028100 3.0 240 * 240
FV-24CD7C white / silver 1717031100 2.9 240 * 240
FV-24CH7C white / silver 2320036100 2.9 240 * 240
FV-27CD9C white / silver 2427031100 4.0 270 * 270
FV-27CH9C white / silver 3135035125 4.2 270 * 270
FV-32CD9C white / silver 4243036180 5.0 320 * 320
FV-32CH9C white / silver 5553041200 5.5 320 * 320
FV-38CAD8C high white / silver 906,604,525,510,380 * 380
FV-38CAD8C low white / silver 674,203,616,710,380 * 380
FV-38CAK8C high white / silver 1,227,985,033,311,380 * 380
FV-38CAK8C low white / silver 895,104,022,511,380 * 380

Panasonic ventilation fans models, silent blower
Model Power (W) Air Volume (m3 / h) noise (db) Weight (kg) mounting hole dimensions (mm)
FV-12NL1C 9.8 100 20 5.6 285 * 298
FV-12NS1C 19 180 23 6.2 285 * 298
FV-15NS1C 38 370 27 7.6 285 * 298
FV-18NS1C 60 500 29 11 315 * 348
FV-18NF1C 100.5 / 87 770/620 35/32 14 385 * 378
FV-20NS1C 135.5 920 34.5 17 415 * 448
FV-23NL1C 230/180 1200/900 41/36 23 445 * 478
FV-25NS1C 358/280 1700/1380 43/40 30 445 * 548
FV-25NF1C 430/360 1900/1600 46/42 30 445 * 548

Panasonic ventilation fans models, split pipe
Model Power (W) Air Volume (m3 / h) Noise (dB (A)) Diameter (mm) mounting hole dimensions (mm)
FV-10CG1C 15.5 150 34.5 100 120 * 106
FV-14CG1C 33 300 41 150 120 * 131
FV-16CG1C 47 500 49.5 150 160 * 143
FV-17CG1C 85 / 73.5 770/660 47/43 200 160 * 187
FV-21GC1C 224/182 1550/1200 60/55 200 200 * 226

Panasonic ventilation fans models, blinds exhaust
Type Color Power (W) Air Volume (m3 / h) noise (db) Weight (kg) mounting hole dimensions (mm)
FV-20VWL2 white 2254640 2.2 250 * 250
FV-25VWL2 white 2983443 2.7 300 * 300
FV-30VWL2 white 2993643 3.1 350 * 350

Panasonic ventilation fans models, automatic air curtain fan
Model Power (W) Air Volume m3 / min noise (db) Weight (kg) Rated voltage (V) mounting hole dimensions (mm)
FV-15VW2 15.5 4.8 31 1.4 220V-50HZ 170 * 170
FV-20VW3 22 9.7 37.5 2 220V-50HZ 250 * 250
FV-25VW3 29 15.3 39 2.4 220V-50HZ 300 * 300
FV-30VW3 29 20 39 2.7 220V-50HZ 350 * 350

Panasonic ventilation fans Main features:

Panasonic exclusive development summarized nearly 40 years experience in motor design and manufacturing software for the design, so that the structural design of the motor electromagnetic design. Insulation design is more reasonable. The main materials in Japan and Taiwan famous company materials bearing PORITE oil-bearing and NSK. NTN high-level motor special ball bearings.

1. The extraordinary life of the motor, using Panasonic's unique design, low power consumption, continuous operation up to 70,000 hours or more, the motor 5 year warranty.
2. Optimize duct design, ventilation performance has been further enhanced to completely put snail shell blade design construction makes ventilation further enhance performance
3. Using a new Double Orifice (double mask) technology Double Orifice (double mask) technology to achieve ultra-quiet function would effectively isolate the fan operating noise produced.
4. Connector: Panasonic special technology developed to match joints, simple operation
5. fan: The high-performance motor designed for high quality optimized matching fan brings quiet and efficient results.
6. grille: white and silver spray panel, stylish design to meet different requirements for ceiling

Panasonic ventilation fans Caution

1: The fan should be placed horizontally level, note the use of not tilted, pre-use check the power outlet is consistent with the parameters of the fan nameplate.
2: the new machine usually water or air-conditioning fan for a long time after the closure must be primed before use of water, through water standard water level observation, control the amount of water, you should unplug the power cord before adding water to prevent damage to electrical components to be filling the water level rises to near 'top' position, but do not overfill; after good irrigation water, Bashan door, in making use of refrigeration, to observe the situation of the subject of water, when the water level drops to near 'minimum' position, which should add water, otherwise it will lose the cooling effect.
3: Frozen ice crystals general ventilation fans are equipped with two ice every night, put one on the home of the refrigerator cabinet refrigerator for some time the next day into the tank out with, the better.
4: proper cooling and humidifying air humidification To use the role, you must first fill with water in the tank, the boot for about 1-3 minutes, the air temperature is reduced by the ambient temperature conditions and achieve the best results when filling. cold water or ice water, the cooling effect is better. If you add the right amount of spices in the water, the waves will be blowing out fragrant cool breeze, in the hot summer, people feel good, feel more comfortable. Tap cooling and humidifying Lights Start humidification function, such as the removal humidification function Press the key again light, lights off, humidification function is stopped.
5: oscillating fan blowing generally have air swing function when needed swing air, simply press the 'wind' Select button once, so that the 'swing style' lights that automatically about air immediately send. wind angle of 120 degrees, if required air swing, press the SELECT button once the wind, so 'directional wind' lights, stop swing directional air while also adjust the vertical air position, such as a hand adjusting a long wind direction of the sheet, can make all the air direction up or down to adjust according to your needs to the best position.

Panasonic ventilation fans Maintenance: Ventilator long-term need, the water tank should be clean, room temperature air for some time, let the machine especially the screen section is completely dry and then put a plastic bag, to prepare for reuse.

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