Panasonic Genuine air purification box series 2012 new

Panasonic Genuine air purification box series 2012 new

Product description:

product number: FY-BFG042C FY-BFG062C
location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang
product description:
`Air purifier NEW

New Technology filter
Dust filters for 10 years without replacement. Deodorizing filter for seven years without replacement.

Stereo recycle stream
The newly developed double fan page up and down automatic operation, the formation of circulating air.


Suitable for the bedroom; children's room; office use a conference room and a smoking room

More features, more effectively improve the air quality improve your living space

Sensitive smell sensors, automatic operation
Acidification titanium coating panel, stylish and elegant
For an area of ​​40m2

Child Lock , Filter replacement tips
High-performance dust filter: 2 years / strong deodorizing effect filter: 2 years

* Life varies depending on environmental factors

The newly developed humidification function, with the three-dimensional circulating air

Humidification broader, more effective and humid.

Dust filter and deodorizing filter
By the parties to the inlet structure, the use of the entire area were dust filter.

The new integration of humidification filter
By convolution of new materials made of wet filter to achieve 10 years of life.
By reducing the accumulation of scale, ensuring the air humidification amount.

* The use of elastic synthetic material, wear resistance
* Adhered to the surface of the filter is very easy to clean contaminants