Supply of electric auxiliary heating remote control-type air curtain, Panasonic FY30ESCW2

Supply of electric auxiliary heating remote control-type air curtain, Panasonic FY30ESCW2

Product description:

product number: FY-25ELCW2
location: Hangzhou Binjiang District
product description:

Matsushita Panasonic Air Curtain Features:

1 , Provide an effective novel fan, powerful air door, low noise, high wind speed, wind capacity.
2 And simple installation: either hung on the wall, can also be suspended from the ceiling of the room.
3 Using wind deflector can easily adjust the direction of air.
4 On the assembly of a type of button pressing, providing high and low wind speed.
5 , Charming and modern design makes this product can be installed on any occasion in harmony with the surrounding environment.
6. New exterior design: ABS Material shell structure better able to resist the effects of air caused by changes, and its one-piece design features demonstrating its excellent quality.

• Panasonic wind screen machines are widely used in shopping malls, restaurants, supermarkets, airports, warehouses, electronic instruments, textile, pharmaceutical, food factories, hospitals and other industries and places.
• When selecting air curtain at the right time; the length of the air curtain should be greater than the width of the door; the actual height of the door plus 80-100cm Wind screen
Effective distance machine so selected air curtain blocking effect will be better.
• Product by: ISO90001 : 2000, CCC International quality system certification.

Electric heated air curtain (Remote Type):

Model Length (mm) power input (W) Current (A) Output wind speed (m / s) air volume (m3 / h) Noise (dbA) Weight (kg)
FY-25ESCW2 900 220V 4450 20 12 700 55 15
FY-25ELCW2 1200 5950 28 12 950 56 18
FY-30ESCW2 900 4580 21 15 890 59 16
FY-30ELCW2 1200 6140 28 15 1180 60 19
FY-35ESCW2 900 4660 21 17 1000 60 16
FY-35ELCW2 1200 6240 29 17 1340 61 19

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