Electric heated air curtain distributor in Hangzhou

Electric heated air curtain distributor in Hangzhou

Product description:

product number: RM125-09-D / Y-A-2-X
location: Hangzhou Binjiang District
product description:

Air Curtain Description:

Wind-screen machines are driven by high-speed motor powerful airflow generated Tubular or centrifugal wind wheel, forming one side of the curtain therefore invisible, also known as air curtain, air curtain air curtain air, dampers, air doors English name.: air curtain, airdoor.

Air curtain is installed above the door refrigeration, air conditioning, dust, insulation of shopping malls, theaters, hotels, restaurants, conference rooms, cold storage, and home theater, etc., start the machine, separated indoor and outdoor air can, played both accessible, but also to prevent the exchange of indoor and outdoor hot and cold air, at the same time, with dust, pollution prevention, anti-mosquito effect. Widely used in electronics, instrumentation, pharmaceutical, food, precision machining, chemical, footwear , and services, business, etc. industries.

Wind-screen machines produce high-speed air flow, the interior is divided into two independent temperature zones create a comfortable indoor environment, maintain indoor air conditioning and air purification effect, save energy at the same time, and make the air circulation, effectively isolate dust, smoke, smell gas and insects and other microorganisms to prevent cold (warm) air outflow;. save electricity continued formed air door; can effectively prevent the cold (warm) air leakage, saving electricity, the interior is divided into two separate temperature zones, air conditioning When the machine long-time operation, the auxiliary loop to adjust the temperature, to achieve energy savings environmental improvements. dust, insects effects of wind-screen machines produce high-speed air stream, forming a protective door, can effectively block outdoor dust and insects invade, keep the room clean. Air smoke and harmful gases air curtain effect of the circulatory system make a strong barrier every corner of indoor drift and industrial emissions, car exhaust fumes and other harmful gases into the indoor pungent air circulation effect in the gym, cinema, entertainment, etc. due a large space to produce uneven distribution of air conditioning energy, the air circulation system function air curtain reaches room temperature equilibrium.

PTC heated air curtain (rear-mounted)

1, the surface is not charged PTC heating element, has a very high safety performance, heating up fast and automatic thermostat function, form a good hot air curtain.
2, the system of heat and strong, stable performance, low power consumption, heating quickly, at minus 18 ° C can be started as usual.
3, microcomputer control, can open ordinary wind and hot air alone.
4, the heating element with overheat protection device, normal use and energy efficient protection products.
5, when closed hot air, with automatic delay 保防 means there is capacity to protect the life of the product.
6, a variety of body size: 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm.
Name Type air volume (m3 / h) Voltage (v) Frequency (Hz) air speed (m / s) Length (m) Noise (dB) Power (w)
PTC heated air curtain RM125-09-D / YA-2-X 912 220 50 7 0.9 55 130
PTC heated air curtain RM125-12-D / YA-2-X 1280 220 50 7 1.2 57 168
PTC heated air curtain RM125-15-D / YA-2-X 1670 220 50 7 1.5 59 225
PTC heated air curtain RM125-09-3D / YA-2-X 912 380 50 7 0.9 55 130
PTC heated air curtain RM125-12-3D / YA-2-X 1280 380 50 7 1.2 57 168
PTC heated air curtain RM125-15-3D / YA-2-X 1670 380 50 7 1.5 59 225
PTC heated air curtain RM125-09-3D / YA-2-D 912 380 50 6.5 0.9 55 112
PTC heated air curtain RM125-12-3D / YA-2-D 1280 380 50 6.5 1.2 57 123
PTC heated air curtain RM125-15-3D / YA-2-D 1670 380 50 6.5 1.5 59 135


1. Full Metal Jacket, powder coating the surface, the whole light and thin, better able to resist a change of air, to prevent rust

2. Using a new push-button switch or remote control, and there is high-speed low-key function, ultra-quiet

3. unique version of the design wind, wind adjustable, powerful ventilation even

4. professional motor manufacturing technology and the use of imported bearings, reliable performance, continuous operation 5000 hours without failure

5. provide a high-quality fan effective, powerful air door, can effectively solve the air conditioning cooling, heat outflow problems

6. Installation is simple: either hung on the wall, it can also be suspended from the ceiling of the room


Functional characteristics of air curtain:

1, thermal insulation: air curtain so that customers such as restaurants, shops and entertainment places frequented not need to keep this door open with 60-80% energy efficiency to keep the cold room, the warm air temperature. but only allows a slight change in temperature.

2, pest control function: You can find most annoying is unable curtain harmful insects by the wind so you can better and more easily maintain the fruit counter, fast food restaurants and other places of health.

3, dust-proof function: If you install the air curtain in the precision machine shop or grocery store or face bus channel foyer clothing can be effectively shielded out dust, can be 60-80% level to keep clean .

4, the preservation of function: air curtain can prevent odor emitted from such chemical laboratory or store room and frozen meat stored mechanical and can block out harmful gases emitted in the car how to prevent cold air conditioning, heat outflows The experts recommend: air curtain in conjunction with air conditioning organic, can effectively solve air conditioning cold, heat outflow these issues.

1, to provide an effective novel fan, powerful air door, low noise, high wind speed, wind capacity.

2, easy installation: either hung on the wall, it can also be suspended from the ceiling of the room.

3, using wind deflector can easily adjust the direction of air.

4, the assembly of a type of button pressing, providing high and low wind speed.

5, charming and modern design makes this product can be installed on any occasion in harmony with the surrounding environment.

6. The new exterior design: ABS material shell structure better able to resist the effects of air caused by changes, and its one-piece design features demonstrating its excellent quality.

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