Quality foot pump, 120 foot pump, pump, pump factory, accessories

Quality foot pump, 120 foot pump, pump, pump factory, accessories

Product description:

Custom processing: Category: foot pump Gas nozzle type: US mouth
Brand: COLNTE Model: ct-14 Material: Iron
Weight: 2 (kg) Scope: EV Specifications: 55 * 120

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(Scope) bicycles, tricycles, bikes, cars, motorcycles, small tractors, balloons, soccer volleyball and other sports.

Features: Suitable for car and motorcycle, car batteries.

Bike (other vehicles no problem), inflatable toys; basketball; football; cushion sofa bed; baby pool etc.

Inflatable easy - easy to carry compact and easy to store and ad hoc foot-pump pressure gauge tire pressure level at a glance!
Pump, small size, high pressure, inflatable easy. Easy to carry, foot or hand may be especially suitable for the Friends of Mount long journey Oh!

The cylinder pressure gauge is not decoration, can significantly actual pressure of your tires!

And with two interfaces, one British test, a test is the US domestic more than 95 percent of all vehicles were two gas nozzle

Individual special (such as there is a Giant road car plug) there are laws test gas nozzle can not be used!

Stand the test! Absolute performance practical! Assured products!