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Japan PLUS | PURAXY Belt Tape Tape Tape Tape

Japan PLUS | PURAXY Belt Tape Tape Tape Tape
Product code: 20191600030
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Product parameters:

  • Product Name: Plus / Pleasant TG-736
  • Brand: Plus / Pleasant
  • Item: TG-736
  • Color classification: light powder 8.4mm * 8m sky blue 6mm * 8m yellow 4mm * 8m green 4mm * 8m sapphire blue 8.4mm * 8m peach powder 6mm * 8m transparent color 6mm * 8m

Pen-shaped design, the new scroll double-sided adhesive

Features: 1. pen-shaped design, you can hand into the pencil box.

2. Honeycomb dotted tape, beautiful finish paste

3. Close-up tape head, the upper and lower pressure of the kinetic energy, can be firmly pasted in the specified location

Brand Pleasant
Specifications (for core width * length): yellow green For core: 4mm * 8m
Light blue peach pink for the core: 6Mm * 8m |Light pink color blue For core: 8.4mm * 8m
Color Yellow Green Light Blue Peach Pink Light Pink Blue
Origin of Vietnam
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