Folding pump | mini pump | foot pump | Foot inflatable tube | convenient pump

Folding pump | mini pump | foot pump | Foot inflatable tube | convenient pump

Product description:

Custom processing: Category: foot pump Gas nozzle type: US mouth
Brand: COLNTE Model: ct-15 Material: Iron
Weight: 1 (kg) Scope: Small Cars Specifications: 55 * 100

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Weight: 1.5 Kg

Size: 29 * 8 * 9CM

Product Description:

1, the gas nozzle lock with a specially designed, all kinds of gas nozzle can wrap tightly, and never leak.

Gently depress the foot even to the motorcycle inflated nor strenuous.

2, with a barometer, without careful tires break, collapsible collection, home, very convenient to use when traveling.

With it you can easily to bicycles, motorcycles, mountain bikes, and all kinds of inflatable toys inflatable ball, I feel really different.

3, the product metal, durable, compact mini-shape, with a variety of gas nozzle and pressure gauge.

This is suitable for car and motorcycle, bicycle tires, balls, rubber boats, inflatable like.

Instruction manual:

1, open the upper and lower shelves Komagari, then placed on the ground. The pliers clamp gas in the car with the gas nozzle.
2, and then in the middle of the foot pedals, foot up and down start inflated.
3; The first inflatable upper hand to try adequacy; the adequacy of such; see pressure gauge pointer position; later on Click location pointer pressure pneumatic
4; often inject 2-3 drops of oil in the gas cap aperture; extend the life of the piston