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Disposable sperm count board manufacturers supply

Disposable sperm count board manufacturers supply
  • Disposable sperm count board manufacturers supply
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Mirant sperm count disposable plate performance:
1. Sperm clear imaging, accurate and reliable test results: a single layer of different species of sperm size, optimization of counting pond depth, independent of sperm cells, overlapping, stacking phenomenon does not occur, so that sperm clear image in the same focal plane, while without affecting the freedom of movement of the sperm in the horizontal direction.
2. Establish a standardized test semen, improve work efficiency: A special exhaust design optimization, automatic suction from a semen sample port, and easily and quickly fill the analysis chamber, save time, reduce work intensity.
3. The one-time use, without washing, to avoid re-use, cross-contamination.
4. In response to computer-assisted semen analysis (CASA) application design and calibration, in line with international standards and international OIE standards CASA application requirements.
Applications: suitable for clinical testing, animal husbandry, life science research, drug testing and toxicology experiments and other fields, to carry out different types of sperm computer assisted semen analysis.