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Liquid-based cell processing kit manufacturers supply

Liquid-based cell processing kit manufacturers supply
  • Liquid-based cell processing kit manufacturers supply
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South Ning Songjing Tianlun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. developed Mirant liquid-based cell processing kit has the following advantages:
1, this kit has lysed red blood cell function to quickly collect the sample lysis of red blood cells, strong cracking ability, to complete lysis volume is more complete than 1/10 (blood / liquid-based) red blood cell volume, compared to similar products cracking, complete remove the interference caused by the blood on the test results.
2, the kit contains a fixing agent component cells can quickly leukocytes in the sample, shedding of epithelial cells, which are cells were fixed test value stored cells effectively prevent autolysis. Saved by the kit fixed cells, cell morphology intact, to maintain the original form of the sample collection of cells, the expansion will not occur, condensation and other morphological changes, to ensure the effective number of cells inspection and quality requirements.
3, the kit has a dilution effect on the mucus can separate a large number of embedded in mucus cells so that more effective value of the test cells have been preserved to provide adequate number of cells, provide a guarantee for the accuracy of the test results; at the same time samples treated after low speed centrifugation to completely remove the mucus sample, effectively prevent the interference of mucus sample test results.
4, the treated samples after low-speed centrifugation can be made uniform cell monolayer sheet, to inspection requirements.
5. This kit is treated by shedding cells of a biological stain has affinity favor biological stain coloration, facilitate follow-up work for the inspectors.
6, this kit is simple to use, easy to operate, saving the specimen sample preparation time, while overcoming the shortcomings of traditional inspection methods, TCT preservation solution is to promote the best products on the market today.

Mirant liquid-based cell processing kit principle:
By collecting vaginal or cervical secretions, exfoliated cells obtained after immersion developed liquid-based cell processing agent for processing, lysis reagent composition capable of lysing red blood cells, red blood cells to remove the interference caused by the test results; while the fixed component of the reagent can save a fixed white blood cells, loss of valuable cell epithelial cells; and wrapped in mucus cells were sufficiently effective to separate and prevent loss of valuable cells prepared effective cell into the cell suspension, and finally clear the mucus by centrifugation misplaced. Producer of interference, a sheet made of exfoliated cells Available HE staining, Papanicolaou stain or other methods such as immunohistochemical staining of cells colored, and through manual observation or analysis by a computer scan to check for vaginal or cervical cell morphology, diagnosis cervical cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer very early changes, human papilloma virus and herpes simplex virus infections and trichomonas vaginitis, fungal vaginitis, bacterial vaginosis and other microbial infections.

Mainly in the inspection items:
Cervical cytology, pleural effusion cytology, urinary sediment, sputum cytology, fine needle aspiration cytology, especially for all the women of the early diagnosis of cervical cancer is a very worthy application of clinical testing technology .