TCT ThinPrep cell analysis system

TCT ThinPrep cell analysis system

Product description:

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South Ning Songjing Tianlun Biotechnology Co., Ltd. developed Mirant liquid based cytology (TCT) detection system samples collected by high resolution microscopic imaging, capture high-quality, sharp images, and the application of modern computer technology, can detect cervical erosion, cervicitis, cervical cancer, cervical polyps, chronic cervicitis, cervical hypertrophy, cervical cysts, etc. Mirant liquid-based cell detection equipment for the early diagnosis of cervical cancer for all women, is a very worthy application clinical testing technology, in addition to the use of cervical cytology, there abdominal effusion, urine, synovial fluid, bronchial washing fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, needle puncture cells and sputum cell testing.

Analyzer Features:
1, high-definition (achromatic / apochromatic);
2; high definition; Vice true color; high frame rate; high resolution; 24 true color digital image;
3, high magnification (zoom effective 20000-35000 times), smart zoom;
4; powerful automatic image analysis and processing functions; a large number of geometric parameters measurement tools; specimen image can be perimeter; area; diameter; distance measurement accuracy;
5, multi-application software to expand: gynecological secretions can be carried out simultaneously, prostatic fluid detection, automatic detection of sperm, maternal nutrition test and evaluation, pathology image analysis, sub-health detection, and other projects to enhance the overall application level and income-generating devices ability.

Software features:
1, the international standard diagnostic classification MDO pathological cells TBS graphic reports;
2; high resolution; high definition real-time image capture and image transmission function;
3; powerful automatic image analysis and processing functions; performed accurately measure common parameters;
4, simple interface, powerful storage and management capabilities.

Production System Features:
Automatic centrifugal liquid-based cell production machine; the use of centrifugal force to remove the automatic smear and mucus membrane separation patented technology; to achieve a high degree of automation and standardization of liquid-based producer; and other methods than the producer has the following advantages: high efficiency - Within minutes dozens of samples can be processed simultaneously, without personnel guard AutoComplete, especially for medical screening large sample specimen producer; high stability - Auto Producer success rate of almost 100%, within smears Distribution uniform shape well preserved, nuclear structure clearly visible, to the maximum abnormal cells, thus increasing the accuracy of screening and diagnostic positive rate, preservation fluid samples can be repeated producer, to avoid the risk of duplicate samples collected; application costs Low - equipment investment cost and material cost is relatively low, greatly reduce the user equipment cost recovery and economic burden of patients, more conducive to carry out a comprehensive survey of TCT project.

Kit Features:
Preserved specimens fixed effect, save for a long time, red blood cell lysis strong, adequately addressed mucus, non-toxic and environmentally friendly; with built-in cone cell collection chamber design patented technology of liquid-based cell preservation bottle, can quickly capture full high density cell transfer producer.