Aquatic animal sperm analyzer manufacturers supply

Aquatic animal sperm analyzer manufacturers supply

Product description:

Animal sperm analyzer; sperm quality analyzer; veterinary sperm analyzer; semen analyzer; sperm density analyzer; color sperm analyzer; pig sperm analyzer; cattle sperm analyzer; sheep sperm analyzer; large sperm analyzer ; duck and goose sperm analyzer; horse sperm analyzer; automatic sperm analyzer; sperm motility analyzer; animal sperm detection system; animal sperm detector; automatic sperm analyzer; computer aided sperm analyzer; marine animal sperm analysis instrument; fish sperm analyzer

Mirant animal sperm analyzer Scope: pig sperm analysis, sperm analysis of cattle, sheep sperm analysis, sperm analysis horses, rats and mice sperm analysis, canine sperm analysis, sperm detection Tibetan mastiff, monkey sperm detection and analysis, poultry sperm detection, marine animals Sperm analysis, fish sperm analysis, etc., applicable to all animals sperm analysis.

Mirant animal sperm analyzer is the only animal species for different image characteristics of sperm development of professional animal sperm analyzer, using the company conjugate high-contrast lighting fixtures and sperm optical imaging scan count sperm MAILANG computer board patented technology, Mirant sperm analyzer has been widely used in many fields of domestic research institutes, zoological research, livestock breeding, pharmacology research, toxicology studies, etc. The product by the National Science and Technology as "2005 National Key New Product" and "2006 National Torch Plan projects' products have been exported to Europe, Southeast Asian countries and regions, in 2010 the Ministry of Agriculture of the product as foreign aid projects exports to eight countries and regions.

Mirant animal sperm analyzer technical characteristics: Instrument Currently, domestic animal sperm analysis are mostly human sperm analysis technology products to substitute, and sperm morphology, sperm of different species of animals are vastly different categories, using computer-aided analysis of human sperm is 'grayscale method and threshold segmentation' image recognition technology can not accurately identify and analyze common animal sperm head vacuoles, translucent dress, strip and other forms. Only by establishing an image calculation method based on mathematical morphology of sperm from different species model, to apply to the species of sperm precise identification and analysis, and because many species of sperm morphology in ordinary optical illumination was head vacuoles, translucent and other state, Mirant animal sperm sperm analyzer developed for high-definition, high contrast optical imaging and lighting devices to ensure the accuracy of the image recognition and analysis.

Mirant animal sperm analyzer technical specifications:
1. Sample collection allows one to detect the number: 2000; error ± 2%
2. Detection speed range 0-250 (um / s)
3. For each sample collected several pieces 25-100 pieces, adjustable
The acquisition and analysis time (sec) is not greater than 10
5. The number of image acquisition vision group 1-30
6. Test items: Sperm concentration, sperm motility, sperm trajectories, sperm motility distribution, the total number of spermatozoa detection analysis and other functions.
7. Sperm automatic numbering labels and Statistics: Sperm automatic image analysis software Sperm Morphological identification number is automatically assigned a separate number for each sperm and accurate tracking and recognition of its trajectory, in order to obtain more precise movement. parameters and statistical parameters.
8. The software uses automatic identification mode and accurate identification of dual-mode, greatly improving accuracy.
Automatic mode: In recognition training optimal parameters on the basis of data obtained directly identified.
Exact Mode: After training several automatic identification and parameter adjustment, automatic recognition process still occurs when an individual or omissions identify erroneous recognition, can automatically exclude the erroneous identification or omissions up into the screen vision recognition rate of up to 100%, to achieve accurate identification and accurate tracking.

Mirant animal sperm analyzer section Typical customer: China Agricultural University, Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences Academy of Animal Science, Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Institute of Animal Science, Liaoning Province, Liaoyang animal husbandry technology promotion stations, Henan Institute of Animal Science, Henan Ji-chang Guangzhou City Livestock Technology station, Veterinary Science Institute of Animal Husbandry Bijie Region, Yunnan Province Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Sciences, Yang Xiang pig Gene Technology Co., Ltd., Shenyang Agricultural University, Southwest University of Science and Technology, Foshan University, Shandong Animal Husbandry and Veterinary College, Peking University People's Hospital, Shanghai Family Planning Institute, Hubei Institute for food safety evaluation of drugs Academy of Preventive Medicine, Shandong Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry and so on.