Frequency ZB125 supply large fish tofu chopping machine

Frequency ZB125 supply large fish tofu chopping machine

Product description:

product description:

China Yida chopping machine meat products of the production process of a key device, high-speed rotating chopper will chop raw material, while rotating feed pan evenly chopping the raw material. Is the production of Sausages, meat balls etc. processing the necessary equipment.

Products produced concept:

1, imported bearings; motors comply with the European standard, strong anti-overload.

2, speed up to 4500 rpm, can greatly improve the emulsifying effect, the product produced a higher rate, the better.

3, the gap between the tip and cut the pot is less than 2mm.

Product Application:

1, this machine is widely used in meat, vegetables, seafood and spices.

2, cut the pot for casting stainless steel, and has anti-overflow pot along effectively prevent infiltration material phenomenon.

Product Handling Precautions:

First, secure the balance of the three-phase AC 380V power voltage equipment, equipment enclosure must be grounded to ensure the safe use of electricity! Note legs firmly in contact with the ground, and then connected with the power supply.

How to use reasonable chopping machine?

Chopping machine chop knife sharp degree is that you should always pay attention to in the course, hoping chopping machine technology developed in line with your chopping machine technical parameters, frozen cut 切尤 it carefully, I recommend that you cut the meat To First massive ice minced meat, in order to avoid loss of the knife incident, correct and reasonable use of the opportunity to extend the life of chopping various components.


China Yida - (single device) Advantages: The stand-alone unit production equipment in the factory, workshop quality control personnel must be strictly in accordance with operating instructions debugging qualified, approved factory customers after receipt of the goods, in accordance with operating instructions, namely electrical connection. use thereby reducing the service costs for the user. the date of delivery within 12 months to provide maintenance accessories. The warranty period, lifetime maintenance, charge an appropriate fee for service.