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Muscone, the company of good quality

Muscone, the company of good quality
  • Muscone, the company of good quality
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CAS: 541-91-3, 22460-48-6, 956-82-1
Alias: musk ketone, 3--XV methyl -1-ketone, 3-methyl-XV-one
English name: Muscone
Content: 99.9%.
Level: medicinal grade
Molecular formula: C16H30O
Molecular weight: 238.4088
Description: colorless liquid.
Density: 0.843g/cm3 boiling point: 329.5 ° c at 760 mmHg flash point: refractive index 1.4802 145.3 ° c (17 c).
Chemical properties: the musky odor part is 3-methyl-XV-one of the active ingredients, also known as musk ketone
Musk ketone is the main component of musk, is synthetic. Natural muscone is l-body synthesis is generally right.
[Bianjibenduan] physical and chemical index
Appearance: slightly yellow oily liquid.
Odor: strong musky odor.
Solubility: very slightly soluble in water, but miscible with ethanol.
Applications: chemical intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates
Packing: 100g/bottles; 1000g/bottle
Price: ¥ 1000/100 g bottle. 10000 Yuan/kg