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Malt base hydrochloride

Malt base hydrochloride
  • Malt base hydrochloride
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CAS: 6027-23-2
Alias ​​: N- methyl barley malt base, 4- (2- dimethylaminoethyl ) phenol hydrochloride
Content : 99.9%
Formula : C11H18NOCL
Molecular Weight: 215.5
Properties: pure product is fine needle needles ( ethanol ), mp279-280.
Plant Source : Rutaceae Phellodendron amurense Rupr cork bark, thick pepper Zanthoxyum elephantiasis Macfad bark, Marmarostoma argyrostoma, Sudan palm dragon blood Tecles sudanica A.Cheval.
Product Index: ( Enterprise standard )
Appearance: light yellow to white crystalline powder.
Biological activity: when the central stimulants, will inject 20-30μg drugs injected into the rat ventricle, can cause cortical activation epileptiform EEG wave changes, but for guinea pig brain slices cAMP accumulation no apparent effect .
Uses : adrenal hormones, is a bronchodilator, and radiological protection.
Packing: sanitary grade PE bags, external bottles and pails, 5kg / barrel, 10kg / barrel stored in a cool dry place to prevent rain, moisture, according to ordinary solid pharmaceutical transport shelf life of one year.. .
Price: 300 yuan / kg