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Silver potassium cyanide

Silver potassium cyanide
  • Silver potassium cyanide
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Alias: silver; silver cyanide; silver cyanide and potassium; two silver potassium cyanide
English name: potassium argentocyanide; Argentate, bis (cyano-c) -, potassium; Potassium cyanoargenate;
Potassium silver cyanide; kyanostribrnan draselny; potassium dicyanoargentate
Molecular formula: K [AgCN2]
Molecular Weight: 199.04
Appearance: white powder or light gray powder, odorless and tasteless, see the light becomes brown.
Soluble in water, soluble in ethanol. Decompose when exposed to light. In case of hydrocyanic acid generation and silver compounds.
pH: Melting point (℃): 320 (decomposition)
Density 2.36g / cm3.
Relative density (water = 1): 3.95
Solution: do not dissolve in acid, soluble in water and ethanol.
Storage: dark, sealed
Impurities: iron (Fe)%, ≤0.002 of nickel (Ni)%,
≤0.002 copper (Cu)%, ≤0.002 (Zn)%, ≤0.001 lead (Pb)%, ≤0.003.
Preparation or sources: cyanide silver (or silver chloride) was added potassium cyanide solution derived.
Other: In case of a dilute acid is light sensitive silver cyanide is highly toxic...
Content: Silver cyanide ≥54%
Uses: For decoration and silver plating, also used fungicides and preservatives.
Packing: net weight 500g / bottle or 1000g / bottle, plastic bottle screw theft, lined with black plastic bags.
Price: 2600 yuan / kg