Large Pool | Bracket Pool | Waterpark | Inflatable mobile Waterpark

Large Pool | Bracket Pool | Waterpark | Inflatable mobile Waterpark

Product description:

Theme Waterpark novel; play diverse; for the crowd wider; mainly mobile pool; inflatable slide size buoyant; water quality

Purification and disinfection and casual seating and other equipment; the same time into sports; music; lighting; performing arts and other elements; novel design; low cost; earnings

Fast; safe; no infrastructure; easy to install, and other characteristics; with Mass-run philosophy; available at the right time; sites for different regulations

Die waterpark.

Product Analysis

Easy disassembly: installation fast, easy removal, spent the summer folding placed in the warehouse, small footprint.

Cost-effective: the concept of the project with reference to foreign and domestic done a lot of practical experiments, project maturity realistic price is about common pool of five.

About one minute (standard pool for example).

Water purification: Sand filtration pump filtration cycle group, together with the artificial cleaning, can be achieved without changing the water a long time.

Use a long time: 15 years of life, easy maintenance, if damaged, repair fast and so on.

Use: schools, kindergartens, community, hotels, resorts, sports stadiums, venues, parks and the like.

Pledge: factory direct, guarantee the same project, the same material, the same technology, the same service, we lowest price.

Investment Analysis

Select a city: the 400,000 population of the city as an example.

Select Sets: large park portfolio.

Hours of operation: early 6 - by the end of September; remove the weather and other reasons; at least 80 business days; time 9:00 a.m.

9:00. 400 passengers daily and $ 25, tickets for one day only, at least 10,000 yuan of income.

Income way: ticket sales; equipment sales revenue; swimming training income; HM training income; advertising revenue; Catering

Income; the list can be seen through the lower profits in the first year about 500,000; and do not have to vote under equipment

Capital (Note: Depending on the size of regional economic disparities and investment; profits will be different; but first

Annual profit of around 200,000 to 500,000 at least.)

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