Carbon black

Carbon black

Product description:

Carbon black
Carbon black N220/ Carbon black N330/ Carbon black N550/ Carbon black N660

N220 is suitable for each kind of rubber, the resistance to wear is higher than

N330 10%-20%, it makes colloidal particle rubber high longitudinal strength and the anti- peel strength, and has the certain electrical conductivity. It has mainly been

used in the carrying tyre; tread rubber; and rubber product with high strength

needed, radial tire, bias tire and high wear-resisting.

N330 can reinforce the strong performance and endow with colloidal particle

better strongly extending performance, anti- rends performance, higher resistance to wear and elasticity. It is mainly used

in the tread rubber; the curtain cloth rubber; radial tire; bias tire; sidewall rubber

and other high quality rubber products.

N550 is suitable for the natural rubber and each kind of synthetic rubber.

It is easy to disperse and can endow with high endurance capacity, pressing out

with high speed; the shape of meatus inflates slightly; pressing out smooth

surface. has high temperature performance and heat conduction performance

reinforce strong performance, elasticity and and easy to be recovered.

It is mainly used in the tire cord rubber, sidewall tyre, radial tire, bias tire.

the tire tube and rolling product.

N660 is suitable for each kind of rubber product. Compare with partial-strengthen carbon black, N660 has higher particle structure, thinner granule.

easily dispersed to rubber material. Longitudinal strength , anti- peel strength and modulus at a definite elongation is higher, but distorted slightly.

heating generation lower, the elasticity and the performance of anti-bended is good. It is mainly used in the cord fabric ply, the tire tube, bicycle.

rubber tube; tape; electric cable; shoes and rolling product; plastic model product

and so on.

Items N220 N330 N550 N660
Indine absorption g/ kg 121±5 82±5 43±4 36±4
DBP Absorption 114±5 102±5 121±5 90±5
CTAB Surface Area, 106-116 79-87 38-46 31-39
Nireogen Surface Area, 114-124 78-88 38-46 30-40
Tint Strength 110-120 98-108
Heating Loss, %, max 3.0 2.5 2.5 1.5
Ash, %, max 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Tensile strength Msp, min, % -0.8 -1.5 -3.5 -3.5
Exrension; %; min +10 -10 -10 +10

Can be used for black dye, Used in the manufacture of ink, printing ink, paint.

plastic , and as rubber reinforcing agent.

1. The ratio of nitrogen-adsorption on the carbon black surface is recommendatory test index.
2. 300% Stretching Stress is to get the carbon black disparity between the

everyday carbon black (SRB3#) sample and the standard in the same

experimental situation, with I type and dumbbell type reamer set by GB/ T528.

The vulcanization of the carbon black lasts 30 minutes under the average

temperature of (145±1) .
3. All the technical indicators are taken as that of qualified products.