Aviation 28v DC power supply

Aviation 28v DC power supply

Product description:

Input voltage: 1 (V) Waveform distortion: 1 (%) Frequency regulation of: 1 (%)
Output voltage: 1 (V) Load regulation: 1 (%) Circuit mode: SPWM switching
Load type: inductive load Custom processing: Efficiency: 1 (%)
Applications: Motor Type: Regulator power inverter Model: AF60
Output frequency: 1 (Hz) Brand: ACS Product Certification: CCC
Control mode: Pulse width modulation type Input Frequency: 1 (Hz)

product description

This series is the use of high-frequency switching power electronic conversion technology, specifically for aviation and military electrical and electronic equipment design and manufacture of 28.5V DC switching power supply, is SCR DC power supply replacement.


• Power device uses a new generation of IGBT; mode utilizing IGBT switching frequency low-loss characteristics; complete power conversion; has a small size; light weight; high efficiency; high reliability

• Current mode control using full bridge; PWM control and slope compensation; no anti-bias magnetic capacitor in series; with fast dynamic response; strong impact load capacity; overcurrent protection reliability advantages

• Intelligent monitoring using micro-chip computer completes the Power of Intelligent monitoring; LED / LCD panel displays the power operating parameters and working conditions; with self-diagnostic function; fault memory can be recent; improve serviceability

• functional units and components all designed to be modular structure; through the module series expansion; small; high efficiency; reliability and good maintainability

• Machine with 19 "standard chassis structure can be used alone or rack installed


It can be used for aircraft and airborne equipment, radar, navigation and other military electronic equipment, and other needs 28.5V or 24V DC power supply fields. And for all types of armor, tanks, aircraft, artillery, and so do turn on the power to use.