3KVA power supply voltage frequency stabilization

3KVA power supply voltage frequency stabilization

Product description:

Input voltage: 1 (V) Waveform distortion: 1 (%) Frequency regulation of: 1 (%)
Output voltage: 1 (V) Load regulation: 1 (%) Circuit mode: SPWM switching
Load Type: Mixed loads Custom processing: Efficiency: 1 (%)
Applications: Electronics Manufacturing Type: Regulator power inverter Model: AF50
Output frequency: 1 (Hz) Brand: ACS Product Certification: CCC
Control mode: Pulse width modulation type Input Frequency: 1 (Hz)


3KVA power supply voltage frequency stabilization

The power supply frequency stabilization power supply adopt advanced sinusoidal pulse width modulation (SPWM) IGBT high frequency inverter technology, internal for the AC - DC - AC structure, the elimination of grid disturbance, the output waveform is pure, with voltage regulation, frequency stabilization range, high precision, light weight, small size, frequency stabilization power output with isolation transformer, etc., can constitute high quality uninterrupted power supply system and generator good match.
Frequency stabilization power supply
The main technical parameters:
1, the input voltage: 130 ~ 280V
2, frequency stabilization power input frequency: 35 ~ 70Hz
3, the output voltage: 220V ± 0.5%
4, frequency stabilization power output frequency: 50Hz ± 0.01%
5, waveform distortion: (1%
6, the isolation transformer output, safe and reliable
7, frequency stabilization power supply with output overvoltage; overcurrent; overload; overheating; short circuit protection and automatic alarm
8, more than 90% efficiency for wide loads, for inductive, capacitive, resistive, and any mixed load.

9, fast dynamic response, 0-100% load change, the steady-state response time (0.1S

10, input and output voltage and frequency, please note when ordering.

Technical Parameters:
AC input number
1 & 2W + G 3 & 4W + G

l voltage
220V + -15% 380V + -15%

l Frequency
50HZ / 60HZ ± 3HZ

l high-grade and low-grade 5-150V 10-300V

l Frequency
350-400HZ continuously adjustable (also can be customized according to customer requirements)

l Current high-end
2A 8A 12A 20A42A 63A 42A 63A 83A 125A 187A 250A312A

l low
4A 16A 24A 40A 84A 126A84A 126A166A 250A374A 500A

l Load regulation ≤1% (purely resistive)

l Frequency stability ≤ ± 0.01%

l distortion THD≤ ± 2%

l crest factor ratio of 3: 1

l response time ≤2MS

l Display Accuracy 4.5 voltmeter resolution 0.1V
4.5 meter resolution 0.1A
4.5 frequency meter resolution 0.1HZ

l Protection
Overcurrent protection; overvoltage; Short circuit protection; over-temperature protection; self-diagnostic protection and alarm device

l Dimensions (MM) 440x470x150 430x540x700 800x1090x1600
430x770x990 430x770x990 600x970x1240

Weight (KG)
25 35 75 85 145 165 155 185 275 345 450 580 620
820 1200