60HZ Marine Power

60HZ Marine Power

Product description:

Input voltage: 0 (V) Waveform distortion: 0 (%) Frequency regulation: 0 (%)
Output voltage: 0 (V) Load regulation: 0 (%) Circuit mode: SPWM switching
Load Type: Mixed loads Custom processing: Efficiency: 0 (%)
Applications: Electronics Manufacturing Type: AC Power Supply Model: 60HZ
Output frequency: 0 (Hz) Brand: ACSOON Product Certification: CCC
Control mode: Pulse width modulation type Input Frequency: 0 (Hz)

60HZ Marine Power

60HZ frequency power (Marine Power):

Marine dock power inverter power equipment is designed for high temperatures on board, shore pier, high humidity, high corrosion resistance, high load shock harsh environments and special design and manufacture of high-power variable frequency power supply. All PCB circuit board using coating curing; sine filter, the output transformer vacuum impregnation with the overall high temperature protective insulating paint and spray paint handling, with high insulation levels and protection; full compliance with China Classification Society CCS marine product certification standards.

Widely used in ships, shipbuilding and repair plant, offshore drilling platforms, shore terminals and other changes required by the 50HZ 60HZ high quality industrial power frequency stabilization power supply, electrical equipment for ships powered occasions.

Performance: Input voltage: 110V; 127V; 220V; 380V / 50Hz or 60HZ; arbitrary output voltage (voltage can be set according to user requirements, can simulate various national grid) adjustable output frequency 50HZ / 60Hz (can be set according to user requirements frequency; frequency can be set to any adjustment; frequency range 50HZ-2000HZ), mainly used to test electrical products export of vessels Marine Shore Power Inverter Specifications Rated input voltage: Three-phase input power supply is 380V / 50HZ or 110V / 60HZ industrial power. . (AC voltage fluctuation range allowed by the 323V to 528V)

Rated output voltage: The output voltage can be based on user needs, providing a variety of single / three-phase voltage Rated output frequency: 60HZ / 50HZ (can be any conversion) or 400Hz output frequency accuracy and stability: The output frequency error ≤0.01Hz; stable when the degree (0.01% (0 to 100% load change, the frequency unchanged)

Output voltage regulation rate: Static (1%; output dynamics (3% 50% sudden load plus / minus voltage transient changes: (5%, and return to the rated output voltage in 0.5 seconds

Frequency Power Overload: 110-150% 30s, 150-200% 10s

Output voltage waveform total harmonic distortion: THD≤1.2 ~ 2.8%

Proof and dustproof: IP54.

Protection: input and output power has perfect overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, phase inverter and transformer overheating protection function (protection threshold arbitrarily set) consideration of different ship's electrical load. control, issue pre-alarm signal when the output load capacity of an arbitrary set value, in order to control the electrical load.

The ship with shore power supply frequency stabilization device model AF60, rated output current work line #A, load starting current of #A, rated output three-phase line voltage is 440V, frequency 60HZ; rated output power capacity of #KVA Providing high quality 60HZ frequency stabilization power supply for two ship-exporting countries. inverter, shore power supply device according to an open-air design fully sealed insulation, protection class IP54, can be used in any harsh environment of use. The frequency shore power supply equipment through the #### A full load test run 12 hours and at full load suddenly applied to 150% load test run 1 minute, work when no-load output voltage total harmonic distortion THD ( 2%; no-load and full load output voltage fluctuation is less than 1V and can also start two 30KW windlass (direct start, the starting peak current #### A)..

High frequency power supply with dual Marine still 50Hz / 60Hz dual frequency power switching function, more cost-effective, can provide shore power to different systems of ships; compared with the generator, saving more than 20%, more omitted generator bring noise, high operating costs, maintenance difficulties and many other inconveniences; have a stronger applicability in function, it has a color interactive interface, Chinese menu display and intelligent power distribution monitoring device, real-time monitoring of power supply operation The situation consisting of two routes: one through the 50Hz power supply after monitoring output directly; the other way later rectified by the inverter output 60Hz power supply; both were combined in a device, power supply to meet the needs of two formats, namely user saving investment, but also convenient for users to use.

Variable frequency power supply, the technical parameters for shore power supply: 440V; 60Hz capacity without center grounded three-phase AC power system is 3200A; equivalent to the capacity of a generator to ensure the vessels loading and unloading, the host warm during Hong Kong... . electricity requirements cylinder, prepare the car required shore power system consists of three parts into a socket is mounted on the stern around two sides of the screen; The socket 400A capacity panel receptacle total of nine second part of the shore. electrically connected to the screen. The screen has a phase sequence detection, power, current, kilowatt-hour indicator. Its power is fed to the screen from the socket in the main distribution board shore power feeding screen. The third part of the shore power feeding screen. Frequency Power and its main function is to shore power supply through the main switchboard in the bus to the entire ship power supply. inverter power supply is widely used in the ship, shipbuilding and repair plant, offshore drilling platforms, terminals and other shore changes required by the 50HZ 60HZ high quality industrial power supply frequency stabilization, ship electrical equipment powered occasions.