AF series of outdoor mobile cabin Marine shore power inverter power supply

AF series of outdoor mobile cabin Marine shore power inverter power supply

Product description:

Input voltage: 0 (V) Waveform distortion: 0 (%) Frequency regulation: 0 (%)
Output voltage: 0 (V) Load regulation: 0 (%) Circuit mode: SPWM switching
Load Type: Mixed loads Custom processing: Efficiency: 0 (%)
Applications: appliance manufacturing Type: variable voltage variable frequency power supply Model: AF60
Output frequency: 0 (Hz) Brand: ACSOON Product Certification: CCC
Control mode: current- Input Frequency: 0 (Hz)

Shore Power

AF series of outdoor mobile cabin Marine shore power inverter power supply (Power)

Detailed description:

Harbour Marine shore power inverter power supply

西安杰瑞达 Instruments Limited production of AF series dock Marine shore power inverter power supply device is designed for high temperatures on board, shore pier, high humidity, high corrosion resistance, high load shock harsh environments and special design and manufacture of High frequency power supplies. It is based on our production of AF series power inverter power on, the product features, performance, and other aspects of enhanced protection class extension products in full compliance with China Classification Society CCS marine product certification standard widely used in the ship, shipbuilding and repair plant, offshore drilling platforms, shore terminals and other changes required by the 50HZ 60HZ high quality industrial power frequency stabilization power supply, electrical equipment for ships powered occasions. AF series dock marine power inverter power supply by a single power capacity 100KVA ~ 1600KVA the core of important components of variable frequency power supply - inverter unit with Finnish VaconPLC company's general-purpose inverters comply with Lloyd's Register Marine product certification standards for inverse Variable unit (using the application ships and offshore drilling platforms in the power inverter power Vacon has more than 4000 units); all PCB circuit board using coating curing process; sine filter, the output transformer vacuum impregnation with the overall high temperature insulation and spray paint protection paint handling, with high levels of insulation and protection; cabinet using spray treatment, protection class IP22, if installed in our production of mobile tanks, the overall protection class IP55, suitable for outdoor and regular overall mobile occasions and any adverse work environment.

AF Series Marine Shore Power Inverter key performance indicators * Rated input voltage: three-phase input power supply 380V / 50HZ industrial power supply (AC voltage fluctuation range allowed by the 323V to 528V) * Rated output voltage: The output voltage can be based on user needs, provide a variety of single / three-phase voltage rating * Rated output frequency: 60HZ / 50HZ (can be any conversion) or 400Hz * Output frequency accuracy and stability: The output frequency error ≤0.01Hz; stability (0.01% (0 to 100% load output variation frequency unchanged) * Output voltage regulation rate: Static (1%; output voltage transient changes dynamically (3% * 50% load sudden plus / minus: (5%, and return to the rated output in 0.5 seconds Voltage * Frequency Power Overload: every ten minutes allowed for one minute overload current overload of 1.5 times the rated output current * output starting line instantaneous peak current: every twenty seconds or two seconds allowed peak current of 2.5 times the rated output line The current trip protection * Output Current: Trip protection current four times the rated output current * frequency power line input power factor:) 0.95 * Frequency Power overall efficiency ≥90% (100% load) * Output voltage waveform total harmonic distortion : THD (2% * Output voltage crest factor: CF = 1.4 * insulation levels and temperature levels are: F class * Frequency Shore Power Protection: input and output power of a perfect overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, phase inverter and transformer overheating protection function (protection threshold arbitrarily set) to consider controls on load different ship, issue pre-alarm signal when the output load capacity of an arbitrary set value, . in order to control the electrical load * Frequency Shore Power display function: the imbalance of power output frequency, the average three-phase voltage, phase current average three-phase line voltage, three-phase line current, three-phase intelligent table by output degree, active power, reactive power, power factor and other parameters of the display and the active power, reactive power degree of statistical measurement.

AF series marine shore power supply frequency specifications and technical parameters

Shore Power Inverter models AF60-











Rated Capacity (KVA)












Input voltage

Three-phase; 380-480V; voltage fluctuation range allowed: 323-528V

Input Frequency

50 / 60HZ ± 5%

Power Factor



The output voltage

Three-phase + N output voltage arbitrarily set (when ordering)

Output frequency

50HZ / 60HZ-400HZ optional

Rated Current (A)












150% 1min / 10min; 250% 2s / 20s; 400% protection

Waveform (voltage)

Sine wave distortion (THD) ≤3%

Frequency stability

≤0.01% (0-100% load change output frequency unchanged)

Load regulation

Load 0-100% output voltage change ≤3%


≥85% (100% load)

control method

IGBT / / SPWM sine pulse width modulation mode

Display Function

Frequency; voltage; current; power / power factor


Input no-fuse switch; Output no fuse switch; overvoltage; overcurrent; overload; automatically trip over temperature and short circuit protection and alarm

Use of the environment

Operating temperature -20 ~ 50 ℃; 0-90% relative humidity (non-condensing)

Dimensions (mm) W * D * H


When ordering provided

Reference weight (Kg)






* Note: The rated capacity and rated output current is the power inverter when the line voltage rating of 440V.

Inverter Shore Power Equipment Outdoors mobile cabin

Inverter Shore Power Equipment mobile tanks designed for our production SVF series marine shore power inverter power supplies specially designed and manufactured, the overall shape of the container in accordance with standard container design, in line with our and international transportation standards. The mobile cabin has a waterproof, insulating and high mechanical strength and protection rating, fully in line with the overall protection class IP54, is especially suitable for the beach, marina and other outdoor places and need regular frequency power supply device for mobile usage scenarios. 400KVA Marine shore power inverter power supply design specification mobile tanks 1. Overall Dimensions: 4500 (L) X2438 (width) X2591 (H) (standard 20-foot container) 2, Weight: The total weight of 4.5 tons (of which 2.5 tons of mobile tanks, power supply equipment for two tons) 3, using the framework 16 # channel, the upper and lower corners of installation TEUs Corner, installation forklift slots for easy transport and lifting the bottom 4, outside the mobile cabin in 2mm cold rolled steel; the middle insulating layer is made of 5cm foam; lining made of 1.2mm steel plate as a whole. paint treatment. 5, bilge iron plate with 3mm and 2mm laying laminate flooring and insulating rubber and plastic. 6, the side pods were installed two sets of waterproof seal out of the cable junction boxes, protection class IP54.7, installed within the chamber 2 sets of electrical control unit and intake and exhaust filter group, protection class IP54.8, cabin Installation of one five commercial air conditioning. bottom through a pipe with the Division I designed for air-conditioning cooling power inverter cabinet specially designed air-conditioning cooling system join to form an integrated cooling system equipment. 9, cabin installation of lighting devices and temperature monitoring device and configure two fire extinguishers.