Three-phase sine wave inverter output

Three-phase sine wave inverter output

Product description:

Input voltage: 1 (V) Waveform distortion: 1 (%) Frequency regulation of: 1 (%)
Output voltage: 1 (V) Load regulation: 1 (%) Circuit mode: SPWM switching
Load Type: Mixed loads Custom processing: Efficiency: 1 (%)
Applications: Computer equipment Type: Regulator power inverter Type: AND
Output frequency: 1 (Hz) Brand: ACS Product Certification: CCC
Control mode: Pulse width modulation type Input Frequency: 1 (Hz)

1. Introduction

AND-T series three-phase full sine wave inverter sine wave output, good quality, low distortion input voltage is 110V, 220V, 380V AC voltage or DC voltage, output has 5KW to 150KW power, frequency transformer output, instantaneous output power, strong impact, no maintenance, is an industrial and general-purpose inverters. The company accepts special request orders.

2 Features

• Using SCM and special software, intelligent control inverter

• All control all adopt industrial-grade chips, to adapt to a poor working environment

• The output waveform is good; low distortion; small interference; noise

• Output 380VAC three-phase four-wire or three-phase five-wire

• output frequency transformer; isolation is good; strong instantaneous output power capability; to meet the impact of current large load

• protection functions available; over-temperature; input overvoltage; input low voltage; output overload; short circuit protection

• Loss of height is small, the whole conversion efficiency

• High reliability and life expectancy up to 20 years