Three-phase power supply frequency stabilization 500K

Three-phase power supply frequency stabilization 500K

Product description:

Input voltage: 0 (V) Waveform distortion: 0 (%) Frequency regulation: 0 (%)
Output voltage: 0 (V) Load regulation: 0 (%) Circuit mode: SPWM switching
Load Type: Mixed loads Custom processing: Efficiency: 0 (%)
Applications: IT industry Type: Three-phase inverter power supply Model: 500K
Output frequency: 0 (Hz) Brand: ACSOON Product Certification: CCC
Control mode: Pulse width modulation type Input Frequency: 0 (Hz)

Three-phase power supply frequency stabilization 500K


I produced the three-phase frequency stabilization power supply is used in today's international advanced IGBT inverter output technology, designed using advanced, high-performance microprocessor-controlled precision power supply, it has over-current, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, overload protection and alarm fault display function to ensure the safety of electrical equipment and variable frequency power supply having strong load adaptability, good output waveform quality, good man-machine interface, simple operation, small size, light weight advantages. sine output, adjustable output voltage and frequency power inverter provides AC power to the electrical equipment required.

The products are widely used in home appliances manufacturing, electrical, electronics manufacturing, industry, computer equipment manufacturing, laboratory and testing units, aviation, military units, medical equipment, railway, oil drilling platforms require different power and special requirements place.

(main feature)

1. The use of separate (stand-alone), output isolation power transformer structure, three-phase single-phase desirable use

2. The high-precision frequency stabilization, rapid adjustment knob voltage and frequency can be adjusted with a load directly online

3. The three-phase active power, high-frequency, precision anti-interference ability

The transient response speed, 100% load / unload, the regulator within 2ms response time

5. No radiation interference, with a small harmonic components, and special treatment, no interference

6. Unique instantaneous value control, waveform distortion, high control accuracy

7. High efficiency up to 85% for wide loads, for inductive, capacitive, resistive load

8. Provide world standard grid voltage, frequency, simulation tests of various electrical products

9. Output voltage: high-grade phase voltage 0 ~ 300V (line voltage of 0 to 520) continuously adjustable, low phase voltage 0 ~ 150V (line voltage 0 ~ 260V) continuously adjustable voltage can simulate the world

10. The independent electrical parameters of table show actual real-time measurement: Output frequency; output voltage; output current; output power and load power factor

11. Mitsubishi IGBT, Mitsubishi driver modules, ruby, Suzuki imported filter capacitor

(Performance standards)

(GB7260-87 uninterruptible power supply) (Q / 01AK001-2005 programmable frequency voltage power supply) (GJB181A-2003 aircraft power characteristics) (GJB572-88 aircraft ground power supply characteristics and general requirements)

(Technical Parameters)





Volume (L * W * H)

2300 * 1200 * 1800 (mm)


High-end industrial products

working principle

IGBT / SPWM pulse width modulation

AC input


Phase four-wire




30 ~ 80Hz

AC output (Standard sine wave)


Phase four-wire


Line voltage

380 ± 1VAC

Phase voltage

220 ± 1VAC

Phase current

694.4A (H)


50 / 60Hz

Frequency stability


Load stability


Voltage regulation rate


Waveform distortion

THD≤ ± 3%


Phase 120 ° ± 2 °; phase difference (3% Rating

Power Factor




Reaction time


Adapt to the load

No type restrictions, inductive and capacitive loads need to amount to use.

Panel Displays

Digital display: Output frequency; voltage; current; power / power factor

protective device

Input no-fuse switch; Output no fuse switch; overvoltage; overcurrent; overload; over temperature and short circuit protection and automatic alarm



Insulation reactance

500Vdc 20MΩ or more

Voltage insulation

1800Vac / 5mA / 1 分钟

Cooling device

Forced air cooling fan

Chassis Architecture

Three film surface quality, fine orange lines

Electromagnetic Compatibility

Referring GJB151A-97, GJB152A-97 requirements

Use of the environment

Operating temperature


Relative humidity

0-90% (non-condensing)


2000 meters


a. Power according to the modular design, ease of maintenance replacement parts.

b. Follow the on ship vibration test standards, strengthening anti-vibration, after the long-distance transport to ensure reliable performance.

c. After the parameters debugging, still keep the original settings.

d. Communication monitoring optional RS232 / 485 and other communications interfaces.

e. according to the voltage, frequency and other parameters can be specially tailored to customer requirements.