Single-phase variable frequency power supply single-phase 60HZ

Single-phase variable frequency power supply single-phase 60HZ

Product description:

Input voltage: 0 (V) Waveform distortion: 0 (%) Frequency regulation: 0 (%)
Output voltage: 0 (V) Load regulation: 0 (%) Circuit mode: SPWM switching
Load Type: Mixed loads Custom processing: Efficiency: 0 (%)
Applications: Computer equipment Type: Single-phase inverter power supply Model: 60HZ
Output frequency: 0 (Hz) Brand: ACSOON Product Certification: CCC
Control mode: Pulse width modulation type Input Frequency: 0 (Hz)

Single-phase variable frequency power supply single-phase 60HZ

AF series variable frequency power supply system synopsis:

After AC → DC → AC conversion called frequency power inverter, which is different for variable speed controller motor speed to use, but also from ordinary AC power supply power inverter main function is to existing AC power supply is converted into the desired frequency stabilized pure sine wave power supply. over AC power is characterized by frequency stability, voltage stability, resistance is equal to zero, the voltage waveform is a pure sine wave (no distortion). Frequency Power very close Ideal AC power, therefore, more and more advanced countries will be used as a standard power supply power inverter in order to provide the best use of electrical power supply environment, ease of use and objective assessment of the technical performance of appliances. Frequency There are two major types of power supply : linear amplification type and PWM switching, Exxon Power Technology produced a series of variable frequency power supply, microprocessor core, in PWM mode production, with active components IGBT module design, using digital divide, D / A conversion, instantaneous feedback, sinusoidal pulse width modulation technology, the unit capacity up to 500KVA, to isolate the transformer output to increase machine stability, strong load adaptability, good output waveform quality, easy operation, small size, light weight and other characteristics , with a short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, overheating protection features to ensure reliable operation of the power supply.

Power inverter features: (The following is optional, according to the specific requirements of user customization machine)

50Hz, 60Hz power inverter (AF60-11 / 31 Series) (* optional)

Single-phase: 0.5KVA ~ 300KVA

1, strong overload capacity: with 300% overload capacity, to meet the start-up requirements impact loads; *

2, slow start function: reducing transformer; Compressor; motors starting current; load the slow start; reduce the power supply capacity requirements; *

3, the output range: the output frequency from 25HZ ~ 1000HZ continuously adjustable output voltage can be continuously adjustable from 0 ~ 1000V; *

4, low harmonic interference: sine wave output, distortion is less than 1.5% full load, low interference radiation does not affect the use of peripheral equipment;

5, strong protection function: over-current, over voltage, over temperature protection, self-diagnostic protection and alarm devices.

AF series single-phase inverter power supply product specification sheet (the company's products continued development and improvement, may change without notice)