The practical application of variable frequency power supply issues to consider:

The practical application of variable frequency power supply issues to consider:

Product description:

Input voltage: 0 (V) Waveform distortion: 0 (%) Frequency regulation: 0 (%)
Output voltage: 0 (V) Load regulation: 0 (%) Circuit mode: SPWM switching
Load Type: Rectifier load Custom processing: Efficiency: 0 (%)
Applications: Laboratory Type: AC Power Supply Model: AF60
Output frequency: 0 (Hz) Brand: ACSOON Product Certification: CCC
Control mode: Pulse width modulation type Input Frequency: 0 (Hz)

The practical application of variable frequency power supply issues to consider:

Variable frequency power supply can be divided into AC - DC - AC inverter and AC - AC inverter two categories, AC - DC - AC variable voltage type and current can be divided into two categories, AC - AC inverter multi-voltage type, there are Use a small amount of current type.

Frequency power control mode is divided into voltage-current type, pulse width modulation, etc. The main circuit topology, control strategy has a number of ways to choose from, such as power devices have AFr (thyristor, thyristor), gto (gate turn GTO, gateturn-offthyristor), igbt (insulated gate bipolar transistors, insulated-gatebipolartransistor), igct (integrated gate commutated thyristors; integratedgatecommutatedthyristor; is a new type of semiconductor power devices; developed on the basis gto) and the like; main circuit topology of the two-level alternative; third level; load commutated inverter current formula AFr like; control strategies selectable v / f control; vector control; direct torque control; pulse width modulation (pwm) or pulse amplitude modulation (pam) and the like; voltage high-pressure (3 ~ 6kv, mainly large-capacity synchronous or asynchronous motor), medium or against the pressure (such as general small power 380v and rolling auxiliary drive motor), etc. Additionally, Frequency There are pole-changing speed, variable speed as well as vector control, VVVF (vvvf) control methods, the price is extremely different, how to choose is a big problem. Table 3 shows the country Baosteel from Japan introduced in 1989, production of 1900mm slab continuous casting and full communication. It can be seen from the table, the use of variable frequency control pole, vvvf and vector control in three ways, the governor requested without stepless only limited shift using pole-changing control mode, speed control is not strict requirements, such as roller speed control using variable voltage variable frequency (vvvf) mode, requiring only the use of strict speed control vector control mode, so the purpose is to save investment and simplify maintenance, This according to process requirements to select the drive method can be used for the exchange of other workshops as a criterion, such as sintered complete AC variable frequency power supply with its ingredients vvvf way, trolley use vector control mode.

For power inverter production, foreign electric companies have a industrialization, such as Germany's Siemens, Alstom of France, Sweden abb, American ge, Italy ansoldo, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Yaskawa and other companies are producing a variety of capacities, different voltages The general-purpose inverters are available, may be appropriate in light of its performance and the use of similar or the same crew and experience with results. Frequency The motor also need to pay attention to, the following general 1000kw motors, asynchronous motors cost performance better choice, for larger capacity can be synchronous motor or asynchronous motor. asynchronous motors generally use wound motor, while smaller capacity motor squirrel cage motors commonly used. Since the drive control systems generally use pwm inverter, so the motor must also be specially designed to pwm inverter meet the requirements (according to different circumstances unit; including allowing overload%; the overload time; duty; insulation class; protection rating; rated voltage, etc.) In general;. must consider the impact of pollution on the grid power supply ; especially for large capacity and use of cross - AC variable frequency power supply occasions; consider the installation of dynamic reactive power compensation device (svc) is to be seriously considered.

1996 is launched GHBladed turbine design and analysis of industry standard software package. GHT-MON is to measure structural loads and fans

Performance of integrated hardware and software systems. In 1998, the company launched the wind farm design and analysis software tools GHWindFarmer. Is widely used around the world. GH AFADA has become the industry's leading independent wind farm management, information and reporting tools. 2003 launch of GHForecaster service available wind farms generating capacity of short-term forecasts.

西安杰瑞达 Instrument Co., Ltd. mainly produce various kinds of power inverter; single-phase inverter power supply; three-phase inverter power supply; 60HZ frequency power

Model: AF-33075 three-three 75KVA Circuit mode: (1) IGBT / PWM modulation (2) three-phase independent design, can withstand 100% unbalanced load output waveforms: sine wave CF = 1.4 standard input voltage: 3 phase 4 wire + ground 380V ± 15% 40-70HZ Output voltage: 3 phase 4 wire + ground line voltages (VL-L) 208V fixed output phase angle of 120 ° ± 1 ° Output Current: Rated operating current 208A Output frequency: 60HZ fixed Frequency stability: ≦ 0.01% Load regulation: ≦ 0.5% (100% sudden, sudden discharge load, voltage recovery time ≤8.8ms60HZ within half cycle) waveform distortion rate: ≦ 2% (purely resistive load full load test ) Crest factor ratio: 3: 1 set-Meter: (1) VL-L; VL-N; I; P; Q; S; F; PF; energy (9999MW`h) measurement and clear function;

(2) With RS485 communication port (ModBus-RTU Protocol), the measurement parameters can upload supreme position machine; protection: Input: Input no fuse short circuit protection, input output phase protection: overload; overvoltage protection; over temperature protection; short circuit protection; protection from the diagnosis (1) Overload protection: 100% load for long-term stable operation; 150% overload protection delay (delay time can be set arbitrarily 0-5min; overload time is less than the set time; machine uptime ); 200% momentary overload protection (protection time ≤ 2ms); (2) over-voltage protection: output voltage exceeding 220V (VL-L) transient protection (protection time ≤ 2ms); (3) over temperature protection: IGBT module cooling cylinder temperature ≥ 85 ℃ machine protection (protection time ≤ 2ms); (4) Short circuit protection: FireWire to FireWire short circuit (LL), FireWire zero line short-circuit (LN) (guard time ≤ 2ms); (5) Self-diagnosis protection: Device Fault (IGBT, fuse), motherboard failure (guard time ≤ 2ms); Protect indication: Input phase loss protection: yellow-red correspond to the three-phase input ABC (normal lights are not bright lights of the phase-phase); input power failure indication: input City Electric sudden interruption; re-call indication; output overload protection; output overvoltage protection; output over temperature protection separate directions; output short circuit protection and self-diagnostic protection (recoverable: unrecoverable short circuit protection: self-diagnostic protection); other: power inverter protection due to any of the above reasons, power inverter top sound and light alarm sound and light alarm; Communication: with RS485 communication port (ModBus-RTU Protocol), the following functions can be PC controlled power inverter start / stop; the PC can read variable frequency power supply operating parameters (via an integrated RS485 communication meter); the PC can read the run-time exception log (power inverter running appear alarm type and time); machine efficiency: ≧ 87% Insulation resistance: 500VDC / 200M Ω voltage insulation: 1800VAC / 5mA / 1min Cooling: Forced air noise: 1m at less than 60db Working temperature: -10 ~ 60 ℃ Relative Humidity: 0 ~ 95% (non-condensing) Altitude: 1500m machine protection Grade: IP20 Dimensions: 800 * 1090 * 1600 (mm) Weight: 750KG

西安杰瑞达 Shore Power Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces all kinds of marine power inverter; marine shore power supply; 60HZ shore power supply; 440V shore power; marine 60HZ power static AF Series Marine Shore Power

AF series shore power supply is designed for high temperature on board, shore pier, high humidity, high corrosion resistance, high load shock harsh environments and special design and manufacture of high-power inverter power supply. All PCB circuit board using coating curing process ; sine filter, the output transformer vacuum impregnation with the overall high temperature protective insulating paint and spray paint handling, with high levels of insulation and protection.

The shore power supply is fully digital control, digital adjustment, all commissioning work to be done on the power panel operation, installation and maintenance simple and reliable. It is with the domestic similar products with a reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, easy handling, maintenance, operation, and its The key core parts are imported components, and using today's latest technology and the most advanced inverter technology, components (modules) safe and reliable. pollution, high reliability, high intelligence, high-capacity, on behalf of the twenty-one Technology Trends century shore power supply is widely used in industrial electricity needed by the 50Hz into 60Hz high frequency stabilization power supply, electrical equipment for ships powered occasions.

Product Type

AF series marine static shore power supply is divided into outdoor and indoor type two kinds, the user can select different capacity and power in different ways depending on the work environment. Indoor type shore power supply is usually installed in the vicinity of the dock substation Indoor, the power transmission from the ship to reach the minimum, in order to reduce the loss of the cable. outdoor shore power supply is usually installed at the pier shore and so on, for the shipbuilding and ocean shipping supply maintenance.

working principle

AC reactor: the installation of three-phase power input AC reactor to prevent harmonic current interference grid.

Electronic switch: a large current impact on the electronic switch prevents the filter capacitor charging power generated, while reducing the impact on the grid.

Rectifier: three-phase full-bridge rectifier circuit, the rear AC rectified output DC voltage.

DC reactor: DC reactor has two functions: a) to improve the input power factor; b) rectified current can be maintained continuously, reducing the current ripple value;

DC Filter: using a large-capacity capacitor, smoothing by the filter reactor output pulsating DC voltage to a DC voltage stability.

Three-phase bridge inverter: Inverter works by converting direct current into alternating current; the entire transformation process controlled by a microprocessor circuit; when the power input voltage is lowered or load current increases; PWM wave (sine pulse width modulation) It will bring up wide; conversely narrowed, so that the output voltage is stable.

Correction Reactor: Correction reactors can SPWM inverter output waveform correction, and filter out the higher harmonic components generated by the inverter inverter output transformer and output filter: the three-phase voltage conversion and then After waveform correction circuit further corrected output waveform pure sine wave voltage.

杰瑞达 shore power supply compared with the use of the IF frequency generator sets

Mainly has the following advantages:

Rapid return on investment to reduce energy consumption.

Installation is simple, it can be left unattended, saving maintenance costs.

Stable power supply, frequency, high precision technical indicators, good dynamic characteristics.

Imported core components, machine MTBF of over 100,000 hours.

Stable and reliable operating performance, design online hot backup basically eliminating the hot shutdown

Time, to ensure the continuity of production. Significantly improve product yields.

Means small footprint, compared to fixed frequency unit, noise is greatly reduced, greatly improve the production environment, welcomed by workers.

Voltage and current output, pure sine wave are very close to the ideal of the AC power supply.