AND220-1020 Inverter

AND220-1020 Inverter

Product description:

Input voltage: 1 (V) Waveform distortion: 1 (%) Frequency regulation of: 1 (%)
Output voltage: 1 (V) Load regulation: 1 (%) Circuit mode: SPWM switching
Load Type: Rectifier load Custom processing: Efficiency: 1 (%)
Applications: Other Type: Three-phase inverter power supply Model: AND220-1020
Output frequency: 1 (Hz) Brand: ACS Control mode: Pulse width modulation type
Input Frequency: 1 (Hz)


The inverter is a power mains and battery power converted into continuous, clean AC power conversion device, the power supply to the computer and other equipment that can be used to provide continuous AC power mains unstable preparedness and suddenly powered down. can also prevent various distortion of utility power, such as the supply voltage drops, surge, power spikes and broadcast frequency interference, the series inverter power supply designed for power plants, substation design, widely used in power system communication , monitoring, protection and emergency lighting, but also for exchange oil pump, AC fans, pumps and other offers uninterrupted power and are widely used in aerospace, financial systems, office automation, medical, military and scientific research.
(main feature)

1. Compact circuit structure, high efficiency, anti-vibration;

2. The input and output electrical isolation inverter technology, EMC index is high;

3. The input voltage range, high precision voltage regulator, environmental adaptability;

The inverter unit uses microprocessor control, SPWM sine pulse width modulation waveform pure;

5. The unique dynamic current loop control technology to ensure reliable operation of the inverter;

6. overload capacity, can withstand computer load power surge;

7. Mitsubishi IGBT, Mitsubishi driver modules, ruby, Suzuki imported filter capacitor;

8. With input over voltage, output over voltage, over temperature, short circuit protection full protection, long service life

9. High-power static bypass switch; overload can be automatically converted bypass; switching time is short;