AF AC variable frequency power supply

AF AC variable frequency power supply

Product description:

Input voltage: 1 (V) Waveform distortion: 1 (%) Frequency regulation of: 1 (%)
Output voltage: 1 (V) Load regulation: 1 (%) Circuit mode: SPWM switching
Load Type: Rectifier load Custom processing: Efficiency: 1 (%)
Applications: Computer equipment Type: variable voltage variable frequency power supply Model: AF60
Output frequency: 1 (Hz) Brand: ACS Product Certification: CCC
Control mode: Pulse width modulation type Input Frequency: 1 (Hz)

Imported equipment, instruments and export of equipment, instruments due to the country of origin or the grid voltage and frequency and importing countries of different, often resulting device is not working properly. The laboratory, product testing and R & D / research units, departments and other units factory test, States also need to simulate the operating frequency of the power supply voltage and various tests of the product life and safety testing of products, electromagnetic compatibility testing, external quality control and testing. A voltage can simulate the various countries, the output of various voltage levels and operating frequencies dedicated power supply it is still important.

Power inverter is designed for the import and export of electrical products transformer, frequency test power supply design and manufacturing, can provide world standard grid voltage and frequency, output voltage, frequency stepless digital adjustable waveform purity and stability, eliminate network interference, applicable to exports of electrical products voltage, frequency test; laboratory, measuring room for all kinds of sophisticated tests, and as imports 60Hz power supply equipment.

First, the variable frequency power supply main technical parameters

l Input voltage: single-phase 130 ~ 280V three-phase 276 ~ 500V

l Input frequency: 35 ~ 70Hz

l output voltage: 220V / 380V ± 0.5 ~ 2% (can be customized)

l Output frequency: 50/60/0 ~ 400Hz ± 0.01% (adjustable)

l waveform distortion: (1%

l isolation transformer output, safe and reliable

l with output overvoltage; overcurrent; overload; overheating; short circuit protection and automatic alarm

l efficiency up to 90% for wide loads, for inductive, capacitive, resistive, and any mixed load.

l dynamic fast response; 0 to 100% load change; steady-state response time (0.1S

l input and output voltage and frequency, please note when ordering

Frequency Power Features:

1. With too high voltage, over current, short circuit and overheat warning device

2.16 microprocessor controlled, intelligent, flexible and easy to operate

3. Low distortion interference, input / output fully isolated, secure and reliable

4. Unique instantaneous value control, waveform distortion is small, high control accuracy

5. fast dynamic response, 0-100% load change, the steady-state response time (0.1S

6. Provide world standard grid voltage, frequency, simulation tests of various electrical products

7. No radiation interference, with a small harmonic components, and special treatment, no interference

8. efficiency up to 85% for wide loads, for inductive, capacitive, resistive load

9. imported German Siemens IGBT high frequency inverter and movement, stable and reliable

10. Output voltage: low-grade: 0-150V, high-grade: 0-300V continuously adjustable

11. The use of a machine, table source in one: with a 0.5 output voltage, current, frequency, power / power factor meter