125mm diameter IEC60335 standard test finger

125mm diameter IEC60335 standard test finger

Product description:

125mm standard test finger
I. Overview:

125mm standard test finger is to meet IEC 60335-2-14 & GB 4706.30 standards, protection test is used to simulate a finger, is mainly used for testing of household and similar electrical appliances kitchen machinery mechanical security features, according to the special requirements of the relevant standards, the improvements made in accordance with the test finger is IEC 61032 & GB 16842 standard test with B.

IEC60335-2-14 test probe
Detailed description
I. Basic Introduction

1. made ​​in accordance with the corresponding provisions of IEC60335, GB4706.1, GB2099.1, IEC61032, UL and so on .

2. The standard test finger is carried out for household and similar electrical appliances shock protection issues necessary appliance testing.

Second, the technical parameters

1, bend refers to the diameter : 12 mm
2, curved finger length : 100mm ( three total length )
3, the baffle diameter : 125mm
4, baffle length : 80mm
5, the reference standard : IEC 60335-2-14: 2006 + A1: 2008 + A2: 2012 (. Ed 5.2)

Test finger using similar IEC61032 test probe B, the baffle is circular with a diameter of 125mm baffle substituted non-circular baffle end flap from the test fingertip distance 100mm.