BS1363 plug torque test equipment | IEC60335 pins torque tester

BS1363 plug torque test equipment | IEC60335 pins torque tester

Product description:

Torque testing device plugs | torque tester pin
In line with IEC60335-1, GB4706.1 test requirements of 22.3 through the appliance to be tested in normal use pins inserted into the socket without earthing contact to determine their eligibility. After this receptacle mating face at 8mm, and There are in the plane where these contact sleeves a horizontal pivot axis. This distance is determined by the accuracy of at least the displacement sensor A 0.1mm. mating surfaces remain in the vertical plane, the torque test, the test range where 0-1Nm, precision of at least 0.01Nm. (retaining socket itself moment on the vertical plane is not included in the test value) can be given in the longitudinal direction of the pins of each pin line 50N applied tension 1min. displacement by the displacement sensor A test pins. It can be applied to each pin 0.4Nm torque in each direction, and can set test time, show the actual applied torque value, accuracy of at least 0.01Nm

Standard: according to standard structural design and manufacturing BS1363.3

Application: For testing to insert a fixed outlet, plug the device is equipped with an output socket after insertion, the size of its torque applied to the output jack.


1, the device uses BS1363.3 structural design and manufacturing standards, sensitivity, appearance.

2, due to the differences in national plug standard with three socket fixture, can be added with

3, with a leveling device;

4, torque formula: Scale value (m) X weight (N)