Temperature test angle

Temperature test angle

Product description:

Test horn
Basic introduction:

1, the test angle is based on national standards GB4706.1-2005 (IEC60335-1: 2004) Chapter 11, 'fever' testing requirements design and manufacture.

2, the test angle is mainly used for a variety of electrical, temperature testing provides electrical products meet the requirements of the standard environmental conditions temperature-rise test. According to the actual distribution of the tested samples of different customized specifications, the number of measurement points and dimensions of the test angle.

Technical Parameters:

1, Size: 600X600X1000mm, 800X800X1000mm (or other dimensions)

2, Thermocouple: less than 0.3mm in diameter thermocouples, K type T type J type (choose one)

3, thermocouple arrangement: all the leads in a terminal block (or optional thermocouple plug and socket)

4, temperature copper: Diameter 15mm, thickness 1mm brass sheet

5, temperature Points: 20 points, 32 points, 48 ​​points (or other requirements)

6, temperature measurement points arranged: 100X100mm or 76X76mm square (or other agreement on request)

7, plywood: thickness of about 20mm plywood, painted matt black front, gray film affixed to the back plate

8, the movable part: the bottom of the bottom wheel installed four events, with a total height of about 100mm

9, patrol temperature system need to reprovision (optional 48 road patrol temperature table)