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Continental sofa | Leather sofa | Hotel sofa | living room sofa

Continental sofa | Leather sofa | Hotel sofa | living room sofa
  • Continental sofa | Leather sofa | Hotel sofa | living room sofa
Product code: 20083800001
Unit price: 9800 CNY  (1424.38 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Color: red; yellow; green; blue; purple; Khaki; black; white Frame: wood frame Internal filler: High elastic foam sponge
Size: Custom Material: Wood Style: Combination
For people: Adult Style: European Brand: Jin Xin Cheng
Applications: living room Can be customized: Can Trading properties: Domestic


Single Person 130 * 90 * 125cm (L * W * H)

Double-bit 180 * 90 * 125cm (L * W * H)

Three-digit 230 * 90 * 125cm (L * W * H)

(Material) Wood frame (rubber wood), high-grade chenille fabric; seat package within high-density memory foam and independent spring package by package and pillows are made of soft, comfortable cotton doll.
Under (installation) Normally ready to ship, such as entrance doors or elevators clear width dimension smaller than 90CM need disassembly delivery.
(Maintenance) daily maintenance, use a clean, soft cloth to wipe the surface dust track, were killed in addition to stains, use toothpaste or 30% dilution of cleaning wipe, avoid acid, alkali and other chemicals in direct contact with the surface.
1. Product color:
Pictures taken in kind or scan, as camera technology, light, display parameters and scanner scans and other factors, receipt of the product in kind color and picture will be different. Color to prevail in kind.

(Production cycle) Spot 3 days shipping custom generally 7-15 days to ship.

(Tips) : Size, fabric, color can be customized according to customer requirements, price negotiable. (Premium suede fabric, hemp cloth, imported leather, microfiber, leather and so on.

(Pledge) :
1. Customer First, the credibility first, quality first, service first.
2. Purchase (Jinxin Cheng Furniture Co., Ltd.) any product, find a large cargo quality issues within 7 days of receipt (non-human, no use) who need to return, I unconditionally accept the return, and be responsible for the associated costs.
3. Jin Xin Cheng buy any furniture products enjoy one year warranty and lifetime maintenance services (replacement parts have tasted: Including bed sets, sofa sets, etc.

Shenzhen Jinxin Cheng Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006; is one of the most professional production of hotel furniture manufacturers China; Main: European-style sofa, massage chair, hotel furniture series matching company has been committed to the design and innovative products. , has already become one thousand domestic and cafes, hotels, entertainment and leisure clubs tailor 'custom' manufacturers.

Faced with fierce industry competition, Jin Xin Cheng has consistently adhered to: quality, customer first 'philosophy, not blindly at a low price to please the customer, but both insist on high standards of raw materials and rigorous process, and by comprehensive inspection, while Jin Xin Cheng to market-oriented, dynamic market research accurately grasp the needs of users, to always maintain a good sense of market share and reputation.

Jin Xin Cheng spirit first-class enterprise, first-class reputation, the spirit of enterprise-class services, design and production of both style and quality are a series of consumer satisfaction furniture.