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Supply of hotel lobby sofa | neoclassical sofa | Solid wood sofa

Supply of hotel lobby sofa | neoclassical sofa | Solid wood sofa
  • Supply of hotel lobby sofa | neoclassical sofa | Solid wood sofa
Product code: 20077600001
Unit price: 3000 CNY  (436.19 USD)
Price unit: Per piece
Minimum order:
Other info:
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Color: red; yellow; green; blue; purple; Khaki; black; white Frame: wood frame Internal filler: High elastic foam sponge
Size: 300x93x73cm; 170x93x73cm; 210x93x73cm Material: Wood Style: Combination
For people: Adult Style: European Brand: Jin Xin Cheng
Applications: living room Can be customized: Can Trading properties: Domestic

(Introduction): Top quality, ride comfort, elegant exports to Dubai, compared with similar products, the price was cheaper and more beautiful!

This product is a square peg into a frame, a bottom side of the fixed with nine PCT board. Thailand oak wood main frame structure . Can hand hold the sofa feeling under the weight; if it is packaging boards nailed together on the sofa lighter weight; wood and heavier! Well finest leather, leather rich luster, no scars, texture fine lines, feel flexible and powerful recoil wrinkles can disappear after recovery or obvious.

Placed on the living room sofa, preferred nice, followed by quality must be better, or vulnerable to aliasing distortion, affecting the overall renovation of the grade. OUR sofa look as new; no distortion; no deviation The main frame can be used to ensure that more than 20 years!

1. Product color: Pictures taken in kind or scan, as camera technology, light, display parameters and scanner scans and other factors, receipt of the product in kind color and picture will be different. Color to prevail in kind.

(Production cycle) Spot 3 days shipping custom generally 7-15 days to ship.

(Tips) : Size, fabric, color can be customized according to customer requirements, price negotiable. (Premium suede fabric, hemp cloth, imported leather, microfiber, leather and so on.

(Pledge) :
1. Customer First, the credibility first, quality first, service first.
2. Purchase (Jinxin Cheng Furniture Co., Ltd.) any product, find a large cargo quality issues within 7 days of receipt (non-human, no use) who need to return, I unconditionally accept the return, and be responsible for the associated costs.
3. Jin Xin Cheng buy any furniture products enjoy one year warranty and lifetime maintenance services (replacement parts have tasted: Including bed sets, sofa sets, etc.)