CX-S16 horizontal and vertical burning tester

CX-S16 horizontal and vertical burning tester

Product description:

CX-S16 horizontal and vertical burning tester
Basic introduction:

1, horizontal and vertical burning test the main reference UL 94-2006, IEC 60695-11-4, IEC 60695-11-3, GB / T5169-2008 series standard with specified size Bunsen burner (Bunsen burner) and the specific gas source (methane or propane), according to a certain height and a certain flame flame applied to horizontal angle or vertical combustion test facilities regularly several times to test ignition, burning burning burning duration and length to assess its combustible resistance and fire risk.

2, the horizontal and vertical burning tester mainly for V-0, V-1, V-2, HB, 5V grade material flammability rating assessment. For lighting, low voltage electrical equipment, household appliances, electrical machines, motors, research, production and quality control departments electric tools, electronic equipment, electrical instruments, electrical connectors and accessories and other electrical and electronic products and component parts, but also for insulation, plastic or other solid combustible materials industry.

Technical Parameters:

1, the burner: diameter Φ9.5mm ± 0.3mm single gas and inner Φ12mm ± 0.3mm each a mixed gas Bunsen burner
2, the test Inclination: 0 °, 20 °, 45 ° manual switching.
3, the flame height: 20mm ± 2mm to 180mm ± 10mm adjustable
4, Shi Yan time: 0-999.9s ± 0.1s adjustable
5, afterflame time: 0-999.9s ± 0.1s, auto record, manual pause
6, Yee time: 0-999.9s ± 0.1s, auto record, manual pause
7, the combustion gases: 98% or 98% methane gas propane gas (LPG can be used instead of general)
8, flow pressure: pressure gauge with double scale and (gas and air)
9, the temperature measuring range: 0 ~ 1000 ℃
10, the flame temperature requirements: rose 44 ± 2 Seconds and 54 seconds ± 2 seconds time of 700 ℃ ± 3 ℃ from 100 ℃ ± 5 ℃
11, thermocouple: Φ0.5mm imported armored (K type) thermocouple 22 (dual temperature measurement system, V-0/1/2 (50W) and 5VA / B (500W) level)
12, test Background: Black background
13, the testing process: test procedure manual control, independent ventilation
14, reference standard: UL 94-2006, IEC 60695-11-3, IEC 60695-11-4, GB / T5169.15161722-2008
15, Studio Volume: 0.75 cubic meters, stainless steel chassis (other sizes can be customized)
16, the device outside dimensions: 1100mm * 1300mm wide * 700mm deep high