Beading machine

Beading machine

Product description:

I produced beading machine main technical parameters indicators:

Beading machine, five-line beading machine, leveling beading machine five-line beading machine It is light weight, easy to move, and is applicable to the production of ventilation pipeline projects. Five lines parallel beading machine for sheet metal reinforcement , one-time press out multiple ribs, the use of air conditioning duct in strengthening of the production of box board material aspects.

First, the performance characteristics:

1, beading metal duct processing machine is indispensable machinery and equipment;

2, five-line beading machine can be used alone as a sheet metal beading equipment, but also with uncoiler, leveler, shears, locking machine, a total of flange machine and TDF flange machine off party consisting of a standard rectangular duct automatic production lines, production standard total of flange plate duct.

3, the machine working well, beading smooth appearance, good performance, reduce processing costs duct first choice.

Second, the technical parameters:

1, can be processed plate thickness: 0.5-1.2mm;

2, the maximum width of the workpiece plate: 1300mm;

3. Motor: (power) 1.5kw-6 poles (speed) 940r / min;

4, Dimensions: 1500 * 700 * 1100mm;

5, Quality: 550kg.

Third, the main part and the structure description:


Five lines beading machine mainly by the rack, reducer, chain drive, beading mechanism and other components.

1. Frame: welded sections and sheet made with good rigidity and stability.

2, gear transmission parts: After starting the motor via a belt drive, gear, chain drive to the next beading shafts, under the pressure rib shaft is transmitted through the gear shaft beading beading wheel and beading at the plate on the shaft. Under beading shaft between beading round it was taken, and rolling out the ribs. both ends of the upper portion of the adjustment hand wheel to adjust the depth of beading, beading so as to achieve the required depth, complete beading operation.