Antique wood living room brick tiles 200 * 1000 non-slip floor tiles Foshan tiles wholesale

Antique wood living room brick tiles 200 * 1000 non-slip floor tiles Foshan tiles wholesale

Product description:

Product Category Wood brick Brand Huachang series Porcelain Wood
model LB2062 grade Qualified Place of origin Foshan
Function Space Living room, bedroom, study style Continental Special Purpose Slip waterproof antifouling
pattern Royal Oak standard ISO90013C certification Surface effect Matt
Frost resistance No cracks Thermal shock resistance No cracks Compressive strength 55MPA
Water absorption 1 (%) Corrosion ULA Wear coefficient 200
Wear revolution 6500 rpm Stain resistance 4 Maintenance Shimizu
Whether the trade It is Type of foreign trade Export Color LB2062, LB2063
specification 200x1000

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Tile is heavy cargo, Development of logistics (non-delivery), shipping to the buyer, shipping costs vary in different regions, specific logistics costs before you confirm the order contact customer service, negotiation shipping. I wish pro happy shopping!

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